We offer different solutions that address both technical & business operations which enhance revenues and profitability

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Telecommunication solutions are a combination of services and products offered to Telecommunication operators (providing fixed and/or mobile communication services) that support the monitoring, optimization and delivery of the specific communications services to the ultimate consumer. The different solutions address both technical operations and business solutions that enhance performance, revenues and profitability.

Our Capabilities


We provide a wide range of innovative fully integrated OSS solutions for Network performance & Troubleshooting, Quality of Service (QoS) Management, Lawful Interception and Data Retention, Service Fulfillmentو Network Infrastructure Management System and Network Management Systems

Revenue Assurance

A set of ongoing activities focused on detection and correction of data discrepancies to assure the realization of earned revenues, while simultaneously assuring that unnecessary cost is driven out of revenue life cycle

Fault Management

Alkan CIT teams of highly qualified engineers and technicians led by finest technology experts, posses the skills and expertise required for implementing and maintaining mega fiber network and FTTX projects as well as providing turnkey solutions and material supply

Service Management Quality

Centralized Semantic search platform that links structured and unstructured sources of data to show dependencies and relationships, includes Topology and Inventory Explorer, provides Service Impact Analysis, Data Alignment & integrity, Change & SLA management, Customer & Network 360 visualization

Service Fulfillment

Fulfillment of telecommunications services involves a series of supply chain activities responsible for assembling and making services available to subscribers. These activities delineate an operational infrastructure whose efficiency relies upon its ability to allow a communication service provider (CSP) to match the supply of services with demand in an economical way and with consistently high levels of quality and reliability.

Network Service Assurance

Active & Passive Network testing to assure that the service is not affected 

Site Monitoring

The Telecom Site Monitoring System is group of services for monitoring & control of network transmission infrastructure; including Power Management and Fuel Management.

Mobile Stations

Self-contained Telecom sites that build up within 4 hours, portable on trucks, quick and easy to install, with guaranteed safety and durability, comes with mechanical and hydraulic jacks or DC Winch for easy mounting and landing without using any additional cranes for lifting the equipment. Each COW is a compact unit with a steel platform containing Telescopic guyed tower up to 45m high, Equipped with shelters/ outdoor cabinets in addition to Generator or hybrid system.

Network Rollout

Since 1998, we have been a prime turnkey contractor providing end to end services for Telecom operators in MEA region. Having more than 1100 professionals distributed in Africa and the Middle East with vast experience in all aspects of Networks rollout, our services include full technical support and consultancy services throughout all network rollout phases in addition to Network Planning, Site Acquisition and Site Construction"

Tower Sharing

Alkan owns a license for building their own towers and leasing them for telecom and non telecom operators under a TOWERCO agreement.

We Apply Unmatched Expertise to Various Industry Sectors

Our experience in serving different sectors has allowed us to develop a broad range of expertise and knowledge, which we leverage to deliver innovative solutions that improve operational efficiency

Harness the Power of Technology that Transforms Your Business

  By embracing technology and leveraging its capabilities, businesses can streamline operations, enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve customer experiences and make better decisions

Business Intelligence Applications

Welcome SMS Application

Missed Call Alert Application

Interconnect Voice Assurance

Interconnect Mobility Assurance

Missed Call Analysis Application

Loss of Roamer Application

3G Health Check Application

3G-2G Handover Efficiency Application

Mass Call Application

CIC & Silent Call Analysis

2G Paging Analysis

2G Location Update Analysis

Network Visibility

Visibility and Analytics Fabric enables network and/or security operations teams to extract network data from key network points , Aggregate ,filter , apply intelligence, transform the captured data, and send it on to  monitoring tools with advanced sampling and load balancing features to make sure that the monitoring devices are receiving only the relevant traffic to optimize the license utilization 


Network Active Testing solutions

The testing platform, provides software-based lifecycle management for test, service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting on all network layers.


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