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We offer a variety of power solutions aimed at utilizing solar energy to operate any type of site with maximum

efficiency and minimum operational costs, moreover our power solutions guarantee lowest fuel consumption, longer

lifetime than conventional solutions, minimum generator running hours

Our Capabilities

Solar Systems

Cut down operational costs while using environmental friendly power solutions by Converting sunlight into electricity. as an EPC company, Alkan provides the Design, manufacturing, installation and integration of the solar system, wheather as a hybrid or an on-grid or off-grid system.

Diesel Generators

Since the Diesel Generator are considered as a main power source for many of the market industries for an off-grid solution or as a standby for an on-grid solution, Alkan had a regional footprint in this industry, with a regional presence across the Middle East and Africa regions.

Micro Turbines

Under the energy sector Alkan had distribution agreement with one of unique international suppliers in this industry Bladon Micro Turbines, these turbines that offers fuel flexibility with remarkable environmental impact by a remarkable decrease of the CO emissions compared to the diesel generators.

Power Stations

Provide a FTK solution on building Power Stations as an EPC contractor.

We Apply Unmatched Expertise to Various Industry Sectors

Our experience in serving different sectors has allowed us to develop a broad range of expertise and knowledge, which we leverage to deliver innovative solutions that improve operational efficiency

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  By embracing technology and leveraging its capabilities, businesses can streamline operations, enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve customer experiences and make better decisions


Today life without electricity is almost impossible, we need it for our daily life at home, work, and everywhere we go in almost everything we do. Our experience in supplying, operating and maintaining a diverse range of backup power solutions across Africa and the Middle East for leading Telecom operators over the past 20 years, has equipped us with the skills and expertise needed to secure reliable standby power solutions for all types of projects under any adverse conditions for all locations lacking main power supplies or with ones that are subject to failure. Sectors we serve are telecom, residential, commercial, and industrial

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