Automation Solutions are easily utilized to reduce energy use and costs of businesses optimization drastically

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Reach Optimum Utilization and Distribution of Resources

To offer the best and most suitable solutions that meet the needs of our clients, we’ve partnered with a broad range of leading technology vendors covering the management and operational needs of automation and control solutions for smart communities, field operations, Process control and SCADA. Fields of operation include Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Water, Waste water, Oil & Gas, Electricity, Manufacturing, Petrochemicals and Power Generation

Our Capabilities


Installation control systems - Panel building supervision and installation - Testing and Commissioning - Training


Supply field instrumentation - Supply PLC and SCADA Systems - Supply and T&C leakage detection system - Supply all accessories with high standers to fit with our integrated system solutions


Detailed control panel engineering - PLC programs - SCADA programs - Interface with any 3rd parity systems


Integrate PLC with leakage detection Systems - Integrate New PLC systems with SCADA systems - Integrate New PLC system with field instruments - Integrate new PLC system with any legacy systems


We provide integrated end-to-end SCADA & AMI solutions and services that assist our clients in running their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability. SCADA provides a platform on which many managerial systems can be built such as ERP, Billing, GIS and Asset Management.


The applications of IOT in industry promise to become the biggest driver of productivity in next 10 years, our innovative solutions to deployment one IOT platform integrated with SCADA, LDS, GIS, AMR and field instrument to make bussiness daily work more profitable, easier, safer and comfortable.

We Apply Unmatched Expertise to Various Industry Sectors

Our experience in serving different sectors has allowed us to develop a broad range of expertise and knowledge, which we leverage to deliver innovative solutions that improve operational efficiency

Harness the Power of Technology that Transforms Your Business

  By embracing technology and leveraging its capabilities, businesses can streamline operations, enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve customer experiences and make better decisions

Leak Detection Solutions

Application software for leak detection solutions for safeand cost effective operation of pipelines. Platform offers a full range production for liquid and gas pipeline modules ,it consists of industry online and offline standard software modules

Process Control

Increase Quality, Accuracy and Precision. Staying ahead of competition has never been more challenging, yet could be easily achieved on bringing increased quality, accuracy and precision to industrial processes and reducing response time through the deployment of Distributed Control Systems, Emergency Shut down systems  and Fire & Gas systems


Field Solutions

Ensure Accurate Monitoring and Timely Control. Measuring the different parameters onsite and reporting them to the central control room is essential for ensuring accurate monitoring and timely control. Our team of experts are specialized in programming, installing and testing instruments, as well as integrating them with new and existing automation systems installed to enhance overall process  performance. Solutions for monitoring and measuring ongoing plant processes and transmitting  information directly to the control center include: Field instruments-Fire & Gas Detectors-Transmitters & sensors-liquid and gas analyzers-Life safety systems-Control Valves-Actuators


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