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We utilize the advanced digital technologies and tools in the design, construction, and operation of buildings, infrastructure, and other engineering projects

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Our Capabilities

Automation & Integrated solutions

BIM technology is a central tool for managing every aspect of a construction project, from design to maintenance. Integrated BIM solutions combine BIM with other technologies to create a smooth workflow, enhancing collaboration, reducing errors, and improving project outcomes. These integrated solutions include digital twin, smart parking, indoor navigation, space utilization, emergency evacuation planning, building package validation, digital catalog, and project tracking.

Production Optimization

Improving the performance and efficiency of BIM modeling standards and protocols in a way that produces tangible benefits for stakeholders. Positive BIM optimization involves model coordination & clash detection, automation & scripting, simulation & analysis. BIM models and workflows can be optimized to improve project outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability 


BIM Awareness

Increasing BIM awareness is crucial for the construction industry's adoption and implementation. It helps overcome resistance, resource limitations, and lack of training. Organize events to promote awareness, networking, and knowledge sharing. Offer tailored training programs on BIM basics and software usage. Encourage applying BIM skills to real projects, implementing BEP, EIR, and a common platform for information management. Monitor progress, collect feedback, and refine the awareness strategy for improvement.

We Apply Unmatched Expertise to Various Industry Sectors

Our experience in serving different sectors has allowed us to develop a broad range of expertise and knowledge, which we leverage to deliver innovative solutions that improve operational efficiency



Harness the Power of Technology that Transforms Your Business

  By embracing technology and leveraging its capabilities, businesses can streamline operations, enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve customer experiences and make better decisions

Digital Twin

Through the use of digital twins, you can visualize infrastructure and building assets throughout their lifecycle, track changes, and conduct analysis to optimize asset performance. We combine spatial data, engineering data, real data, and Internet of Things data to provide a holistic view of the project. Immersive visualization and analytics visibility enable better management of your assets, enabling you to make more informed decisions that result in better outcomes.

Integrating BIM & GIS

Integrating BIM and GIS enables and demonstrates an AEC firm’s commitment to process improvement and technical excellence. Reduced internal silos between disciplines, streamlined workflows, and increased productivity are market differentiators that enable AEC firms to be more competitive during the bid process. Additionally, it facilitates their collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. We offer GeoBIM services, which include the integration of BIM and GIS into a single platform that serves as a single source of information. Additionally, data conversion from GIS to BIM vice versa.

CAD/BIM Workflows Automation

Our team provides BIM automation services to automate repetitive modeling tasks to increase productivity and streamline project milestones. This is accomplished through the use of programming languages such as Python and dot NET, as well as BIM/CAD software API’s i.e Revit, AutoCAD, and others. We collaborate with construction companies and general contractors to automate their BIM processes, resulting in optimized design and construction management processes that include details about project phasing, scheduling, and costing.

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