Public Safety

Public safety technology refers to the various tools and systems that are used to enhance the safety and security of individuals and communities.

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Safeguarding Communities through Advanced Technological Solutions

Public safety means protecting citizens from crimes, disasters, threats, or other potential dangers. It aims to safeguard every element of society as a whole.

With the advancement of technology, law enforcement officers are able to leverage innovative technologies to better support the process of criminal investigation procedures and security operations for safer communities.

Traffic Surveillance

Alkan CIT has developed an integrated wireless surveillance solution for monitoring traffic flow on main roads and highways; the solution empowers traffic police in performing their daily tasks by quickly identifying the traffic jam points, shortest route for accessing accident locations, defining alternatives and providing help, the solution enables accurate monitoring and analysis of vehicles daily movement and quick response to breakdowns and accidents by fixing multiple cameras capturing the traffic movement key locations overlooking the main roads, connecting them over a wireless network and streaming videos to central control rooms where captured data combined with spatial data is presented over live situational digital maps,  further geospatial analysis is applied and solution alternatives provided, useful traffic information could also be provided to road travellers via mobile messages and digital road signs to avoid congestions and take alternative routes in case of emergencies. Traffic Surveillance solution empowers decision making by enabling Jam source identification, quick resolutions for traffic jams, timely response to accidents and emergencies, flow pattern analysis and finally improved passengers’ safety.

Tracking & Fleet Management

Alkan CIT solutions for Tracking & Fleet Management actively help keeping control and timely responding to any unplanned incidents by accurately recording Vehicles’ distance and utilization, actual distances and routes driven in a period, driving violations like over-speeding, harsh braking, arrival and departure times and duration of visits. Second-by-second incident analysis are plotted on digital maps at command & control centers and summary reports generated for empowered decision making and solution alternatives enabling


Situational Awareness

Alkan CIT solutions for Situational Awareness provide in depth analysis tools that combine together comprehensive information relevant to the specific location of an incident and related, surrounding areas, as well as the location of public safety resources and personnel, dynamic and spatial data in order to support all phases of situational analysis from preparedness to recovery. Solution effectively incorporates dynamic data from different sensors and data sources (Satellite imagery, videos, weather and traffic, etc…) and provides contextualized information in relevance to the current situation hence enabling and facilitating crises prevention and response capabilities thus improving public safety and emergency management.

Crime Mapping and Analysis

Alkan CIT solutions for Crime analysis provide the essential tools needed to unlock and reveal meaningful patterns in geospatial data; provide the intelligence support needed for mission success and allow apturing, managing, analyzing and displaying geographically referenced information, via providing integrated solutions such as Anti-fraud, Risk Management, Anti-money laundering and Cybercrime. Incorporated Technologies include GIS and digital mapping. Benefits of Crime analysis solutions include Identifying suspicious incidents and risk factors, developing plans for crime abatement, Enhancing implementation of policing methodologies, integrating traditional and nontraditional law enforcement data, educating public with visual information to clarify crime ambiguity, forecasting and preventing future crime occurrences.

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These technologies play a crucial role in maintaining law and order and reducing the likelihood of criminal activities and other forms of harm. For instance, organizations dealing with public safety and criminal investigations, such as law enforcement agencies, have realized the importance of using innovative technologies for the security and protection of citizens.

Despite all other duties, public safety is the topmost priority of law enforcement officers. They are the real superheroes responsible for protecting citizens from crimes and unwanted dangerous situations. The rise of artificial intelligence, IoT devices and sensors are transforming public safety departments with better situational awareness and effective emergency management.

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