Cooperation Protocol Signed between QSIT and Egyptian General Authority for Surveying


Proud to announce the signing of a cooperation protocol between Quality Standards Information Technology Company (QSIT) and the Egyptian General Authority for Surveying (ESA) during the Cairo ICT exhibition. This significant agreement marks a new chapter of joint collaboration in implementing specialized work using Information Technology and Geographic Information System (GIS) services within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The signing took place at our company's pavilion at Cairo ICT 2023 exhibition, symbolizing the commitment of both QSIT and ESA to work together towards achieving shared goals and objectives. We are honored to partner with the esteemed Egyptian General Authority for Surveying, a leading entity in the field of surveying and geospatial technology.

This cooperation protocol sets the stage for leveraging cutting-edge Information Technology and GIS solutions to enhance various activities related to surveying and quality standards. By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to foster innovation, efficiency, and excellence in delivering services and solutions to the region.

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential for fruitful successes resulting from this collaboration. Together, QSIT and ESA are committed to advancing the fields of Information Technology and GIS, and contributing to the development and progress of or beloved country.