Alkan Telecom and IBM Collaboration: Powering the Future with Watson.AI in the Oil & Gas Industry


Alkan Telecom and IBM have joined forces to organize the 'Powering the Future' event, focusing on leveraging Watson.AI in the Oil & Gas industry. The event aimed to train, validate, tune, and deploy Watson.AI to drive innovation and advancements in the Oil & Gas sector. 


It was a great opportunity for industry professionals to explore the potential of AI technologies and how they can revolutionize the Oil & Gas industry. During the event, industry professionals have the unique opportunity to explore the capabilities and possibilities offered by AI technologies, and how they can significantly impact the Oil & Gas industry. 


With IBM Watson.AI, we are paving the way for a new era of efficiency, productivity, and operational excellence. One of the highlights of the event is the professional panel discussion titled "The Contribution of AI & Industry 4.0 in the Oil & Gas Industry." This session delved into the transformative role of AI, IT offshoring, outsourcing, and contact centers within the industry. 


We were honored to have esteemed experts and thought leaders as panelists, sharing their insights and experiences. 


Eng. Alaa El Maraghy: Assistant Chairman for ICT at Rashid Petroleum company

Dr. Abd El-Hamed Gewaily: Vice Chairman For agreements & Exploration at EGAS

Eng. Mona Gamal: EGPC CEO deputy assistant for distribution & transportation

Eng. Khaled Salah: Chairman's assistant for communications & information Technology and digital transformation Ministry of Petroleum

Eng. Mohamed Abdo: General Manager of WSatcom & Automation BU at Alkan Telecom