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Empowering the Future of Energy with Digital Transformation

The utilities sector plays a critical role in supporting economic growth and social development. Digital transformation is helping utilities companies to address key challenges, such as changing regulatory environments and increasing demand for sustainable energy sources. By leveraging advanced digital tools and technologies, We can improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase sustainability, and drive innovation and new business opportunities.

Automation & Smart Grids

Intelligent network systems for water and electricity that integrate multiple smart technologies as communication technologies, SCADA, GIS, distribution systems, smart meters, etc.. to reach optimum utilization and distribution of resources by gathering information from points of generation, transmission and consumption, defining vulnrabilitis and outages, analyzing consumers' behaviour patterns, demand response, integrating asset data with consumer information and facilitating planning for renewable resources placement thus ehancing the overall network efficiency and reliability

Mapping and Spatial Analysis

GIS Gives Utilities an Advantage

Location is fundamental to all electric, gas and water utilities. Empower staff to leverage critical location data with GIS technology. Advanced mapping and real-time spatial analytics strengthen operations and decision-making—from the field to the office. Connect everyone with maps and data. See assets, plans, compliance issues, and high-demand areas in one place to improve operations

Satellite Communication

Reliable, seamless connectivity is vital for success and continuity of any business, as disrupted or delayed communication often prove to be extremely costly and can even pose danger to people, equipment and operations. Connecting multiple, dispersed locations requires an advanced network that cost-effectively delivers high performance voice, video and data services under adverse and even hostile environmental conditions. With a wide range of Satellite connectivity solutions, businesses can obtain seamless communication between geographically dispersed locations. Offerings include dedicated VSAT Connectivity/Services; Hub based VSAT Services, Maritime solutions and Mobile Satcom Solutions. VSAT technology is optimum for isolated locations where no direct connectivity is available while being connected is crucial for business continuity

Maximize the Value of Your Data

Our Proficency Historian Analysis software helps maximize the value of your data with powerful analytics. Thus, you can make decisions better, faster and smarter.

Our Focus Capabilities

Turnkey integrated solutions and services specially designed to empower the operations & management while increasing performance, reducing down times, enhancing reliability, efficiency and supporting informed decision making. Our technologies & services vision is based on a growing, integrated portfolio of world‐class components; all selected to be both compatible with all types of businesses, from the most basic voice services to complex next‐generation technologies, as well as robust, affordable in cost‐of‐ownership and provide positive return on investment. Each such solution brings a wide range of pre‐proven, pre‐integrated functionality, with global support services to enable rapid growth and ongoing success 


Data & Analytics

Applications Services & Solutions

Artificial Intelligence




Physical Security


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