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Scope of Services

MOT Portal, Sultanate of Omans Ministry of Transportation & Communication


Geographic portal application that allows administrators to follow up the work of maritime ports and airports using computers and smart phones via the Internet utilizing digital maps and GIS analysis to empower decision-making 

The Sultanate of Oman’s Ministry of Transportation and Communication geographic portal application depends on the latest techniques of geographic information systems that allow administrators to follow up the work of maritime ports and airports; it also provides them with full access to all available information readily and easily by using computers and smart phones via the Internet. Moreover, the application provides the necessary info review and analysis tools concerning maritime ports and airports as well as studying all data related to the spatial dimension and their impact on their surroundings by using digital maps that help in the decision-making processes based on the data and statistics that have been displayed and analyzed with the highest speed and accuracy levels


Portal link: http://gis.motc.gov.om


Modernization of Signaling System, Egyptian National Railways (ENR)

Modernization of Signaling System, 208 Km Arab El Raml / Alexandria corridor

Turnkey project including Technical buildings with 23,000 m² built up area, scope covers Construction, Electromechanical services, architectural finishing, Civil works, Steel works and Fiber optics in cooperation with Thales group; the world’s leader in electronics and security systems. The solution will enhance the safety and the capacity of the line, allowing an expected 32 million passengers to use it every year. The speeds of the trains will increase from 140km/h to 160km/h, the headways between trains will decrease from 10 to 5 minutes.



Cairo Airport, Terminal 3, Indoor Coverage


Indoor Coverage Solution to strengthen mobile connectivity for a leading Telecom Operator, Hybrid Fiber Coaxial indoor coverage solution that efficiently delivers high quality voice and data services to all subscribers within the boundaries of Cairo Airport, terminal 3, Solution enabled passengers who have just arrived or those waiting to board to enjoy mobile connectivity and use all services provided by their Telecom operator and enabled the mobile operator to attain customer satisfaction and gain profits

Damietta Port Automation, Egypt

Full automation of Damietta Port using state of the art technologies, solution included Local Area Network (LAN) switching, IP telephony, Internet access, Hardware and Security Solutions in addition to testing, training and overall Network integration


Traffic Command & Control Center, Egypt

Traffic jams have always been a major problem in Egypt that required a radical solution capable of facilitating the traffic movement and efficiently resolving the daily congestions. An integrated Surveillance Solution, for Ministry of Interior (MOI – EGYPT), Police Communication and of Police Traffic departments based on Pre-Wi-max technology in Egypt that empowered traffic police and enabled monitoring traffic flow in Greater Cairo's main streams, thus responding quickly to breakdowns and accidents

Egypt Air Network Management

Integrated Network Management Solution, scope of work included solution configuration, deployment, network infrastructure and integration, security, testing, training in addition to 5 years maintenance

Pedestrian Bridges, Egypt

Cairo- Alexandria desert road in collaboration with Egyptian Armed Forces

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