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E2E Tower Services

Tower Production


Premium Quality Steel Towers

Designed and Fabricated at Alkan Steel Factory (ASF) in full compliance with International standards and specifications, our products range is complemented with full technical support and consultancy services in addition to custom designed towers according to customers’ specifications. ASF premium- quality products ensure optimal coverage over the most demanding environments and toughest terrains 


Network Rollout

Turnkey Services from Inception to Completion

Since 1998, we have been a prime turnkey contractor providing end to end services for Telecom operators in MEA region. Having more than 1100 professionals distributed in Africa and the Middle East with vast experience in all aspects of Networks rollout, our services include full technical support and consultancy services throughout all network rollout phases in addition to Network Planning, Site Acquisition and Site Construction



Electromechanical Services


Combine Modern Management with State of the Art Technology

Planning, design and execution of all electromechanical installations for new sites in addition to renovations and extensions of existing ones.  Portfolio covers Architectural, electrical and mechanical works, combines modern management with state of the art technology while maintaining high standards of workmanship to ensure clients’ satisfaction with due consideration to Health, Safety & Environment. Mega projects, office buildings, data centers, GSM switching rooms, workshops NOCs, submarine cable landing stations and warehouses 

AMS Units & Quick Sites

Innovative Site Solutions that Build up within 2 days or 2 hours!

Integrated smart solutions for providing quick & easy to deploy Telecom sites ideal for rapid network expansions and temporary sites, 2 days or 2 hours; it doesn't matter, we have the right solution for you



Geospatial Analytics (GIS)


Smart maps and analytics reveal opportunities. Strengthen growth, customer service, and revenue with GIS

GIS technology gives you the right tools to solve business challenges and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic environment by empowering the decision making process from planning and maintaining network infrastructure to managing existing customers and finding new ones. GIS provides a common platform for integrating information across all departments; it allows you to manage work processes while incorporating external data such as demographics and market trends. Additionally, tools for quantitative analysis and visualization help you systematically model, measure and visualize issues in your network planning and engineering, marketing and sales, and customer care 

Fiber Optics

Long Signal Transmission and Low Cost of Maintenance

High bandwidth, speed of operation, resistance to electromagnetic noise, long signal transmission and low cost of maintenance are the main characteristics of Fiber optic Networks that resulted in Fiber optics being the fastest growing global broadband technology with significant deployments occurring across the globe. suitable for mega and FTTX projects.  Services include design, planning,  material supply, installation and maintenance 




Green & Hybrid Power Solutions


Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Operational Costs

When it comes to Telecom sites; Alkan offers a scope of Green Technology that goes beyond safe disposal of used equipment and abiding by regulatory authorities rules; it raher extends to building a green infrastructure where it all begins, Green Power Solutions provide an energy saving source of electrical power for Outdoor / Indoor telecom systems, especially in locations with poor grid availability or totally off grid, it's an optimized hybrid system utilizing natural resources unlike traditional power solutions which are costly, difficult to deploy and required regular maintenance and refueling in addition to high cooling costs and generally not being ideal for remote locations with poor grid availability or complete off grid applications, especially in high temperature regions or other rough weather conditions. 


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