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Network Rollout

Installation & Commissioning (I & C)


Enhance and modernize your sites

Telecommunications sites’ enhancement and modernization are recently becoming nonstop due to the rapid evolvements of deployed technologies and offered services which require regular site reconfiguration and coverage enhancements/upgrades. Our fully fledged suite of I&C services cover the whole spectrum between site modification/ replacement to complete site reallocation. To date we have successfully installed and commissioned more than 12 000 sites for leading telecom operators across the whole region

Tower Sharing

Share, save and expand!

Sharing infrastructure includes sharing of physical sites, buildings, shelters, towers, power supply and battery backup, antenna, feeder cable, nodes, radio access network and transmission systems.  With sharing, cost burden is significantly reduced hence improving the rate of mobile services rollout and increasing savings in operational costs  


Tower Production


Alkan Towers are specially designed to support the ever-changing requirements of the wireless communication industry. Our aim is to fully satisfy customers’ business needs and operational requirements by providing a broad selection of premium-quality, highly developed products and ensuring there is a tower suitable for almost every application. Products include self-supporting towers, guyed towers, antenna support structures, fences, and tower accessories in addition to as per clients’ specifications towers.

  • Self-Supporting Towers  (Green field)
  • Rooftop Stub Towers
  • Rapid Deployment Sites
  • Alkan Mobile Stations (AMS)