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Network Rollout


Turnkey Rollout Services

Since 1998, we have been a prime turnkey contractor providing end to end services for Telecom operators in MEA region. Having more than 1000 professionals distributed in Africa and ME with vast experience in all aspects of Networks rollout, our services include full technical support and consultancy services throughout all network rollout phases. Services include Network Planning, Site Acquisition, Site Construction, Installation & Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance 

Alkan Mobile Stations (AMS) & Quick Sites

The Quickest and Easiest to Deploy Telecom Sites

Two days or just two hours; it doesn't matter; you can always rely on us to provide you with our innovative Integrated  quick and easy to install telecom sites with highest durability and proven efficieny at any location and toughest weather conditions. Heights up to 45 m, fully equipped  with shelters/ outdoor cabinets in addition to power generators and fuel tanks 



OSS/ BSS, Telecom & Business Intelligence


Achieve Customer Satisfaction and Maintain Profitability

Realizing the complexity of a Telecom operator's environment, we've developed and integrated portfolio of turnkey solutions that covers all aspects of OSS/BSS, Business Intelligence applications in addition to a vaiety of custom designed and specialized Telecom Solutions 



Wireless Communication

Make faster and better decisions and access vital data in all types of situations

An unmatched combination of range, capacity, security and reliability, even in very challenging environments. Best-in-class data rates and spectral efficiencies conserve valuable spectrum and reduce the costs of providing high-performance access and deliver characteristically robust, extreme-distance / high-bandwidth performance encryption, at speeds of up to 90 MB/sec. 


Green & Hybrid Power Solutions


Protect the Environment While Saving Energy

Energy saving and Environmental protection are keys to sustainable development, scope of action goes beyond safe disposal of used equipment and abiding by regulatory authorities rules; it rather extends to the infrastructure where it all begins, by building green Telecommunication infrastructure specially designed to protect the environment and promote sustainable development; we can efficiently save the environment. Alkan offers a variety of renewable energy solutions; aimed at utilizing solar energy to operate any type of site with maximum efficiency and minimum operational costs  

Managed Services

Enhance Performance and Extend Coverage of Your Network

Premium quality Managed Services for GSM / CDMA/ LTE Telecommunication Networks, rendered 24/7 to maintain the network elements and associated site items. By attending to every detail, our proven and seasoned teams of project managers and master technicians eliminate the worry of critical processes related to management and operation of networks’ sites, facilities and assets. Our services help network operators across the whole MEA region extend their regional coverage, enhance network performance and focus on core business achieving optimum service coverage with an unmatched performance and competitive response time. Our suite of Managed Services include on-site preventive, corrective and scheduled Maintenance management covering the base station equipment, telecom equipment, transmission and outsources equipment in addition to all site facilities and environment as well as interconnected hardware or devices

  • GSM / CDMA Networks Operation and Maintenance

  • Facilities and warehouse management

  • Networks upgrading

  • Network Life cycle services

  • NOC services

  • Generators Overhauling

Network Performance Monitoring


Unleash the Potential of Your Network

Elite Network Management Moves Your Business Forward. Network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) tools offer the ability to mine network data and apply deep packet analysis to optimize IT resources in real time or post-event. Monitor Network Performance to Gain Valuable Insight. With emerging technologies such as unified communications, hybrid cloud, network security forensics, and virtualization paired with the rapid rate of change, network managers and network engineers need end-to-end insight and complete network visibility from the physical infrastructure and storage to the network and newest applications. Enterprise network performance monitoring tools provide comprehensive insight into network, storage, applications, and infrastructure. This powerful toolset features fast capture rates and over a petabyte of storage capacity for retrospective network analysis. Real-time and historical summary dashboards, traffic-flow analytics, utilization metrics, and a snapshot of your delivery system all help ensure that your network's performance is fully optimized.

GIS Mapping and Analytics

Gain Insights and Maximize Return on investment 

GIS technology gives you the right tools to solve business challenges and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic Telecom industry by empowering the decision making process from planning and maintaining network infrastructure to managing existing customers and finding new ones. GIS software provides a common platform for integrating information across all departments; it allows you to examine work processes while incorporating external data such as demographics and market trends. Additionally, tools for quantitative analysis and visualization help systematically modeling, measuring and visualizing issues network planning and engineering, marketing and sales and customer care departments


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