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ATM Wireless Connectivity


Seamless Reliable Communication

Wireless Connectivity Solutions have proved to be optimum for Financial Enterprises, serving as a transparent communication medium between remote sites and headquarters, they provide secure and reliable connectivity, so that any remotely dispersed branch where no direct connectivity is available, would just act as a node of the corporate entire network. Wireless connectivity solutions support data transmission, deployment of voice and video applications in addition to internet accessibility. 

  • VSAT Private Networks
  • Hub based VSAT Services (AlkanNet)
  • Wireless Backhauling


Safety & Robbery Prevention

For good reason, banks are often seen as the most secure institutions on the planet. We entrust them with our money, and it's their job to keep it safe. In order to fulfill this commitment, Video Surveillance solutions are becoming a necessity for leveraging the effectiveness of banks' security system, banks are increasingly relying on surveillance solutions to monitor entrances, exits, safes, teller areas and ATMs 24x7, money transfer vehicle could be also equipped with GPS Tracking Systems along with wireless cameras that capture the full scene from origin to destination and effectively enable preventing robberies, detecting suspicious behavior and enhancing customer confidence. Offerings are complemented with a portfolio of high-value services, including consultation services for assessing current systems, solution design & configuration including camera locations, networking platform, system installation and integration in addition to ongoing maintenance and future expansion



Credit Card Security


Payment Card Industry/ Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) Compliance has recently became a top priority for all Banking institutions

Deploying PCI/DSS compliance solutions enable banking institutionscompliance with CPI, apply safety measures and protect clients’ data thus avoiding fraud, fines and loss of credibility, solution comprises firewall installation, data encryption, regularly updated anti-virus programs, physical data accessibility restrictions, monitoring network resources accessibility, Regularly security testing systems and maintaining an information security policy that addresses information security for employees and clients.


Cyber Crime Prevention

Minimize threats of intrusion, secure your networks and protect customers' data

by deploying a comprehensive and proactive multilayered system that smoothly integrates with existing infrastructure, thus allowing better utilization of resources, enhancing performance and eliminating the danger of security breaches and hacking. Services include risk evaluation, design and implementation of policies, procedures and customized solutions both for Network and Data Security. 

Network Security includes Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Network Management, Compliance control Solutions, Wireless Security and Event Management while Data Security includes Access Control, User Authentication, Encryption, Content Security, Web and Mail filtering, Services include ethical hacking, Security Risk Assessment, Vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing, PCI Compliance preparation and ISO 27001 certification preparation.


GIS for Business Value Realization


Banks that rely on location-based analysis run more efficient branches with higher profits and deposits, They also attract more households that open new checking accounts. Why? Location analysis gives new insight. Intelligent maps supply powerful analytical tools that can help you answer the tough questions. GIS is now recognized as the must-have tool for improving customer geodemographic and market analysis to maximize asset return and improve the accuracy of investment forecasts of the customer segment or market area. GIS is now also considered to be invaluable to institutional operations and core financial services planning. Those that invest in greater use of geospatial technology and analysis have the potential to lower exposure to risk; reduce operations costs; and increase profi ts per customer, branch, territory, or region


Videoconferencing enables holding secure, distance meetings and collaboration with remote colleagues, sharing important information and reaching critical decisions quickly. HD video conferencing and audiovisual integration make video calls as vibrant, collaborative and productive as face-to-face meetings.

  • Telepresence

  • Conference Room Solutions

  • Desktop Video Conferencing



Data Centers


IT Operationa are Crucial to Financial Operations

If a system becomes unavailable or an information security breach is detected, transactions may have to be stopped completely. A data center offers a secure environment and keeps high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment that minimizes the chances of a security breach and provides a reliable infrastructure for IT operations that guarantees business continuity. Our robust Infrastructure architecture provides a systematic approach for building economic, manageable Data Centers including Storage, Server consolidation, backup, disaster recovery, Racks, UPS and Physical Security

Electromechanical Services

Planning, design and execution of all electromechanical installations; in addition to renovations and extensions of existing sites. We combine modern management skills with state-of-the-art technologies and quality materials while maintaining high standards of workmanship to ensure clients’ satisfaction with due consideration to Health, Safety and Environment

  • Mechanical Works  
  • Electrical Works    
  • Civil Works  

Facility Management


Worry no more about planned and reactive maintenance, we handle everything from Construction Projects Management, Property Operation & Maintenance to Critical & Vital operation Environments Management, you can rely on our technical expertise for dealing with and rectifying any technical problem in the building Management System, Electrical systems, Mechanical Systems, Light Current systems in addition to a bunch of mission critical standard services

  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Light Current Systems
  • Standard Services

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