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Premises Security


Defeat Common Threats and Vulnerability Problems

Confronting the threats of terroristic exploitations and protecting critical infrastructures is an enormous challenge that requires effectively protecting the physical perimeter of each building which is literally its first line of defense and sometimes the most difficult to secure.  Services include Risk assessment, design and implementation of scalable physical security solutions that help improving security controls. Features include High security fences, automated barriers and gates. As for incorporated Technologies, these include Digital video surveillance, GIS and digital mapping, RFID access control, Motion detection


Command & Control Centers

Maximize Interoperability of Different Systems on a Nationwide Scale

Enhancing operational focus and maximizing the interoperability of different systems at a national level require integration and analysis of information coming from different sources where underlying facts are revealed and critical decisions are made. Data captured by different system sensors is transmitted over secure communication networks (Satellite, Wireless, Fiber, etc.) to Command & Control Centers where it is combined with spatial and statical data, interpreted and analyzed using a unified Graphical User Interface (GUI), touch tables, etc. and results presented on live situational maps where “what if” scenarios and their relevant impacts are evaluated thus enabling informed decision making


Tracking & Fleet Management


Track Vehicles, Ensure Compliance and Improve Safety

Tracking of assets specially moving ones is essential for safety, control, efficiency and for ensuring that drivers are acting safely. Fleet management systems help managing staff’s time and improving their usage of vehicles, by replaying routes driven on a digital map or reviewing summary reports that highlight who visited particular locations and when, thus improving customer service, helps also determining precisely how long a vehicle stopped at different locations and how often the locations were visited, data will be stored in the system and can be instantly retrieved for viewing and decision making. Fleet management helps enhancing vehicle usage, reducing running costs, evaluating fuel consumption, sensors monitoring, monitoring and motivating drivers and finally improving safety

Communication & Networking Infrastructure

Real Time Transmission of Data, Voice and Video

Amid growing complexity, heightened security and operations are increasingly becoming network-centered, that is all dependent on the reliability, security, availability and robustness of the communication channel, deployment of multi-tier communication networks empower connectivity and support real time transmission of data, voice and video no matter what the surrounding circumstances are. Wired and wireless communication networks, LAN/WAN, Tetra, VHF, GSM, Fiber optics, Microwave, WiMAX, Satellite (Inmarsat, and Thuraya)


Network & Data Security


Eleminate Risks and Protect Data  

In today's dynamic environment, Networks often include different operating systems, a variety of web-based and client/server applications, all accessed by internal and external users which makes the implementation of security controls a top priority. The complexity of such networks require a total security solution that could effectively eliminate all risks and protect data. Our scalable solutions for security effectively enable minimizing threats of danger, securing networks and protecting data, by deploying a comprehensive and proactive multilayered system that smoothly integrates with existing infrastructure and allows better utilization of resources and enhanced performance. Solutions include risk evaluation, design and implementation of policies, procedures and customized solutions both for Network & Data Security


Maintain Communications Across Geographically Dispersed Locations

Enable dispersed entities to hold secure, distance meetings, collaborate with remote colleagues, share important information and reach critical decisions quickly. Utilizing HD video conferencing and audiovisual integration, we can easily make your video calls as vibrant, collaborative and productive as face-to-face meetings. Enable people in different locations to collaborate face-to-face as if they were in the same room, improve productivity, accelerate decision making and deliver competitive advantages - all while helping the environment by reducing the need to travel.

  • Telepresence
  • Conference Room Solutions
  • Desktop Video Conferencing

GIS Information Portals


Share Information, Maps, Reports & Statistics

Government web portals play a vital role in facilitating internal collaboration, communication with citizens and dissemeination of information to the public. By utilizing GIS and state of the art technologies we create  integrated Geographic portal applications that allow administrators to follow up on work progress using internet via computers and smart phones utilizing digital maps and GIS analysis to create a coherent work  environment, integrate different systems and empower decision-making 

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