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Satellite Connectivity


Seamless, superior and affordable solutions for marine outposts, remote onshore and off-shore sites

When it comes to Remote sites and offshore locations; reliable and secure communitions require special consideration and  are critically important for business continuity

  • VSAT Private Networks
  • Thuraya Phones & DSL
  • Alkan Net
  • BGAN


Turn Data into Insight !

With dispersed assets onshore and offshore, you need to monitor, manage and distribute tremendous volumes of field data—from the wellheads to the control room and data at the enterprise level. Our Proficy Historian Analysis software helps maximize the value of your data with powerful analytics. Thus, you can make decisions better, faster and smarter




Remote explorations. We’re there with you.

The growing demand for energy resources means that onshore and offshore exploration and production operations are extending further into remote regions. In such locations, Thuraya mobile satellite communications provides voice and high-speed data links that ensure your people, systems, and facilities stay connected. Wherever the search for resources takes your team, you can depend on Thuraya EnergyComms to significantly boost field effectiveness by enabling affordable voice calls, fax, SMS and Internet services, support SCADA monitoring equipment, security feeds, field-to-field coordination, location and geological reporting, as well as tracking of assets. Thuraya’s satellite network enables your employees to stay connected with their colleagues and families, and ensures your production keeps up with global demand.

Surveillance & Physical Security

Monitor Activities Anywhere Around the Globe

Essential both for operational security where monitoring remote facilities and sometimes day to day activities is critical to the business (e.g. Helicopter landing ground, rig stair way…etc) as well as for Perimeter security which involves securing the physical ground of the premise. We cover all phases of a project, ensuring that each client gets the optimal system for present and future needs. State of the art equipment is incorporated and complemented with a portfolio of high-value services, including solution configuration, Integration and on-going management services.  Solutions include integrated CCTV for safe and hazardous areas and sub-sea TV systems (guideline, guideline-less or fixed). System configuration includes any required signal distribution, multiplexers and recording equipment, and integration with other systems (drilling systems and office networks)


Tracking and Fleet Management


Efficiently monitor, operate and utilize your fleet

Fleet management systems help managing staff’s time and improving the way they are using the vehicles, by replaying routes driven on a digital map or reviewing summary reports that highlight who visited particular locations and when, thus improving customer service. Helps also determining precisely how long a vehicle stopped at different locations and how often the locations were visited, data will stored in the system and can be instantly retrieved for viewing and decision making. Fleet management helps enhancing vehicle usage, reducing running costs, evaluating fuel consumption, sensors monitoring (Oil pressure, Coolant temperature, Lights, Seat belts…etc), monitoring and motivating drivers and finally Improving safety


AlkanNet (Hub based VSAT Services)

Enjoy High Speed Internet over Satellite

A full-featured, Internet and telephony solution that utilizes DVBS standard technology to deliver high-speed Internet over Satellite, subscribers enjoy instant access to information no matter where their locations are. Much like the terrestrial DSL service, AlkanNet provides the ability to connect to other locations across the country or worldwide, enjoy internet connectivity, use voice services and deliver all communication needs, it also serves as a Satellite backup solution that ensures business continuity in case of any breakdown or disruption of traditional voice and data networks, by providing two way satellite services for Oil & Gas companies for connecting the head office with remote sites, rigs, wells and pipelines, and secures fully fledged telephony services to local, national and international destinations


Network and Data Security


Secure Networks, Eliminate Risks and Protect Data

Networks of organizations that heavily rely on the web to communicate and exchange information often include different operating systems, a variety of web-based and client/server applications, all accessed by internal and external users which makes the implementation of security controls a top priority yet the complexity of such heterogeneous networks makes it impossible to effectively secure the entire network with a single component; instead a total security solution is needed to effectively eliminate all risks and protect data. Deploy a comprehensive and proactive multilayered system that smoothly integrates with existing infrastructure, and allows better utilization of resources and enhanced performance. Solutions include risk evaluation, design and implementation of policies, procedures and customized solutions both for Network and Data Security


Interactive Communication that Empowers Operations

With workers on offshore rigs and exploration sites scattered throughout multiple regions, the need for interactive communication is immensely growing and companies are increasingly looking for solutions that enable faster communication, improve operations and enable scheduling and execution of meetings and conferences. Video conferencing solutions empower business with online interactive tools that allow more frequent collaboration, minimize time, cost, and increase efficiency. From Entry level to Performance, our videoconferencings Solutions encompass a range of offerings that meet the needs of any meeting room, from small offices to large boardrooms and auditoriums, optimal for seamless and integrated interactive communication.


GIS Mapping and Spatial Analytics


Reveal deeper insight into relationships and patterns, answer complex questions, and help users make informed decisions. Geography influences all aspects of an oil and gas company's work—from locating and extracting new resources to improving field management and ensuring HSE compliance. Extend mapping and analytics throughout the enterprise to realize the full potential of GIS

Upstream Build exploration portfolio value and improve operational performance

Midstream Intelligently manage pipeline infrastructure

Downstream Effectively plan, operate, and maintain facilities

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Protect people, assets, environment, and reputation

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