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Scope of Services

Increase Efficiency, Enhance Safety, Facilitate Navigation and Improve Quality of Journey

Modern technologies are playing a significant role in the different aspects of transportation industry to increase efficiency, enhance safety, facilitate navigation and improve the quality of journey whether by bus, train, subway, ship or airplane. Among the solutions Alkan CIT provides for transportation sector are Surveillance, fleet management & tracking, Construction & Engineering, Electromechanical services, Network integration & security, data centers, fiber optics networking, Access Control, Public Address, Automation & Control, Voice, Alarm and Mass Notification Systems in addition to connectivity solutions including GSM-R / LTE rollout, Optical Transport Network, NG-SDH, Multi Services Access and IP/MPLS switching


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Streamine Traffic, Eleminate Jams and Increase Safety

With more than one billion motor vehicles in use worldwide, the need increases for efficient solutions to handle the consequent growth in traffic jams and accidents. ITS could be rapidly adopted to raise the efficiency and quality of road networks for the benefit of citizens. ITS incorporates different technologies that provide transmission, monitoring and analysis tools aiming at streamlining traffic flow, enhancing road safety, empowering law enforcement and reducing the emergency response time for accidents and emergencies. ITS technologies include monitoring the roads using surveillance cameras and sensors, telecom means for transmitting data to control rooms and information systems such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for visualizing collected road data on map and spatially analyzing the data for empowering decision making in addition to applications for publishing useful information to the public for the benefit of citizens using the roads.


Wireless Surveillance Networks


Solve Traffic Jams, Avoid Daily Congestions and Secure Passengers

Traffic jams have always  been a major problem in Egypt,  our wireless surveillance solution have efficiently empowered Cairo Traffic police radically resolve a number of persistant traffic issues hence facilitating the traffic movement and efficiently resolving daily congestions. Solution for on-board environments provides easy video management for railways, trams, metros and bus fleets. It provides active monitoring of thousands of cameras and video recorders in movementThe high image resolution and stability of the cameras installed in these types of environments provide ideal identification of the offence. These cameras and recording equipment comply with strict certified quality standards.

Tracking and Fleet Management

Enhance Vehicle Usage, Reduce Costs and Improve Safety

Fleet management systems help managing staff’s time and improving the way they are using the vehicles, by replaying routes driven on a digital map or reviewing summary reports that highlight who visited particular locations and when, thus improving customer service, helps also determining precisely how long a vehicle stopped at different locations and how often the locations were visited, data will be stored in the system and can be instantly retrieved for viewing and decision making. Fleet management helps enhancing vehicle usage, reducing running costs, evaluating fuel consumption, sensors monitoring, monitoring and motivating drivers and iImproving safety


Command & Control Centers


You’re in Command

By fully equipping your vehicles with tracking devices, through which full tracking data and location based information could be directly transmitted via GSM secured networks to Command & Control Center located at your own premises, where the received information is graphically presented on digital maps provided to enable real time tracking of chosen vehicles and later to be safely stored in the data center for archiving and analysis purposes, moreover in case of critical situations, emergency alarms could be easily sent from the equipped vehicles to the CCC and help will be provided immediately from nearest emergency point.

  • Real time tracking

  • Enhanced security & road safety

  • Geospatial analysis

  •  Full monitoring of  touristic vehicles across the country

  • Empowered decision making


Steel Bridges

Efficient, Sustainable and Economic

Design, fabrication, supply and installation of  a wide range of Steel bridges as long span bridges, railway bridges, footbridges and medium span highway bridges. Products range is complemented with full technical support and consultancy services in addition to custom designed bridges according to customers’ specifications.  




GIS for Transportation


GIS delivers insight on the transportation infrastructure life cycle. Plan, monitor, and manage complex systems more effectively

Ports & Maritime Manage assets while enhancing your sustainability and security

Roads & Highways Plan, monitor and manage strategic infrastructure more effectively   

Airports & Aviation Improve management, safety and security and regulatory compliance

Railways & Public Transportation  Monitor assets in real time, optimize routing and improve communication

Broadband Internet Services

Internet, Anywhere

Making faster and better business decisions requires access to vital data in all types of situations. With a suite of Wireless Connectivity Solutions including WiMax, Pre-WiMax, WiFi and Microwave, we deliver an unmatched combination of range, capacity, security, and reliability, even in very challenging environments. Best-in-class data rates and spectral efficiencies conserve valuable spectrum and reduce the costs of providing high-performance access. Our solutions for wireless connectivity deliver characteristically robust, extreme-distance/high­ bandwidth performance. With built-in security encryption, at speeds of up to 90 Mb/sec, our solutions can be used to transmit signals as far as 100 Km


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Wireless Surveillance Network for Egypt's Traffic Police

Damietta Port, Container & Cargo Security

Smart Video Surveillance Solution to guarantee logistics security

Egyptian National Railways

Video Surveillance system for 58 automated signaling towers

Pedestrian Bridges

Cairo - Alexandria Desert Road

Egyptair's Internal Telecom Coverage

Fiber-Coaxial indoor coverage for Cairo Airport's Termial 3

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Daily monitoring of operations with highest speed and accuracy levels

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