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Hospital Management

Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

Master Patient Index (MPI): Register patients with unique identifiers to facilitate adding and searching data with different filters.

Outpatient Clinics: Manage Physicians schedules and shifts, service pricing and methods of payment

Reservations & Appointments: Schedule appointment for Out Patients

Emergency: Allows entry of single emergency cases or mass accidents

In-Patient Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT): Manage hospital ADT on one screen, View  hospital map and print admission and discharge notes

Operations: One screen for all operations data

Doctor orders (Order Management): Facilitates assigning the order needed for patients by their treating physician

Nurse Station: Nurse Execution for all doctor order for all patients

Laboratory Information System (LIS): An integrated system preloaded with all known tests\panels and their reference ranges  

Radiology Information System "RIS": Easily record the Investigation results and automatically updates the patient medical record.

EMR: Manage recording of all patient medical data

Mortuary: Manage the Preserving of dead bodies and their relevant services

Services Packages: Create packages of multiple services to be ordered on one click.

Cashier: Allows handling more than one cashier in the same hospital.

Patient Billing:  An integrated patient billing system  

Mortuary: Manage the Preserving of dead bodies and their relevant services

Services Packages: Create packages of multiple services to be ordered on one click.

Cashier: Allows handling more than one cashier in the same hospital.

Pharmacy and Drugstore: Manage the hospital pharmacy, medication and consumables stores and sub-stores

Purchasing: Handle consumables and medication purchasing and returns to suppliers  

Kitchen: Manage daily meals to inpatients effectively

Laundry: Manage and control received and delivered items

System Administration: Set roles and grant permissions to system users

Crystal Report Integration: Customise, import and publish reports  to support analysis and  decision making

Picture Architecture Archive and Communication System (PACS)

An enterprise-class data management system that consolidates medical image data from multiple imaging departments into a master directory and associated consolidated storage solution reaching radiologists, clinicians and patients. The solution also provides a single platform that offers anywhere anytime access to varied clinical data and enables study retrieval to relevant, prior exams that might have been done at other facilities through XDS and HIE sharing. The system helps you manage both DICOM and non- DICOM data and features a smart- streaming technology allowing almost-instant study viewing and enables users to stay connected to the data through high or low bandwidth. Designed with productivity in mind the system offers the ability to browse and query from dispersed PACS systems, smart hanging protocols, advanced visualization, patient history timeline and a zero-footprint viewer for any browser or mobile device. The patient-centric solution benefits users from having a single place to collect, store, share, and manage health


System Integration (IT Infrastructure, Networking & Data Security)

Innovative healthcare solutions that connect clinical teams and patients can positively transform your workplace only if supported with reliable communication networks and secure data. You can confidently rely on the robustness of our communication networks to support real time transmission of data, voice and video. Our complete data center solutions including Storage, Server consolidation, backup, disaster recovery, Racks, UPS and Physical Security are also complemented with total security solutions to effectively eliminate risks and protect patients’ data  while smoothly integrating with existing infrastructure to allow better utilization of resources and enhanced performance  in a secure environment that assures the integrity and functionality of its hosted elements and provides reliable IT infrastructure for guaranteed business continuity

Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Helps you manage all of your asset types on a single software platform. Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), our CMMS delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types, their conditions and locations, and the work processes that support them, to provide you with optimal planning, control, audit, and compliance capability, also provides critical information about asset resources, including key attributes, their configuration, and their physical and logical relationships to other resources. Moreover BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is embedded in our CMMS to support analysis and decision making. BIRT standard reports cover many applications and include analysis, detail, hierarchical, and drill down reports. . You can customize the BIRT reports or develop new reports to suit your business needs.

With ad hoc reporting, you can quickly create your own custom reports from any application. You can select what type of report you want to create, which fields to include, and whether to group and sort the results. You can also define unique report parameters, and specify whether you want the report to run on the records of the application. You can then save and share the reports with others, or run the report only once. If you save a report, it can be scheduled and automatically emailed to other users. You can also download the contents of he report to other file formats for additional analysis.