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Driving Efficiency and Innovation through Digitalization

The oil and gas sector has traditionally been seen as a conservative industry, slow to embrace change and new technologies. However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift towards digitalization and the adoption of innovative technologies. From the use of drones for inspection and monitoring to the implementation of machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance, technology is transforming the way the industry operates. This digital transformation is helping to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, while also improving safety and sustainability

Seamless, superior and affordable solutions for marine outposts, remote onshore and off-shore sites

When it comes to Remote sites and offshore locations; reliable and secure communitions require special consideration and  are critically important for business continuity

  • VSAT Private Networks
  • Thuraya Phones & DSL
  • Alkan Net
  • BGAN

Turn Data into Insight!

With dispersed assets onshore and offshore, you need to monitor, manage and distribute tremendous volumes of field data—from the wellheads to the control room and data at the enterprise level. Our Proficy Historian Analysis software helps maximize the value of your data with powerful analytics. Thus, you can make decisions better, faster and smarter

Remote explorations. We’re there with you.

The growing demand for energy resources means that onshore and offshore exploration and production operations are extending further into remote regions. In such locations, Thuraya mobile satellite communications provides voice and high-speed data links that ensure your people, systems, and facilities stay connected. Wherever the search for resources takes your team, you can depend on Thuraya EnergyComms to significantly boost field effectiveness by enabling affordable voice calls, fax, SMS and Internet services, support SCADA monitoring equipment, security feeds, field-to-field coordination, location and geological reporting, as well as tracking of assets. Thuraya’s satellite network enables your employees to stay connected with their colleagues and families, and ensures your production keeps up with global demand.

Interactive Communication that Empowers Operations

With workers on offshore rigs and exploration sites scattered throughout multiple regions, the need for interactive communication is immensely growing and companies are increasingly looking for solutions that enable faster communication, improve operations and enable scheduling and execution of meetings and conferences. Video conferencing solutions empower business with online interactive tools that allow more frequent collaboration, minimize time, cost, and increase efficiency. From Entry level to Performance, our videoconferencings Solutions encompass a range of offerings that meet the needs of any meeting room, from small offices to large boardrooms and auditoriums, optimal for seamless and integrated interactive communication.

Our Focus Capabilities

As a leading solution provider and system integrator offers a wide array of solutions that fully satisfy the Oil & Gas sector communication needs, with special consideration of the remote sites, offshore locations and the critical importance of reliable and secure communication, we have developed our solutions portfolio to empower Oil & Gas sector and contribute to its sustainable development by fully supporting its Telecom, IT and HSE requirements. Telecom Services include communication towers, Wireless, VSAT and mobile Satellite connectivity; IT services include network infrastructure and security, Bandwidth optimization,   Business Service management, video conferencing, digital mapping and GIS applications while HSE Solutions include fleet management and Surveillance. Having worked with the leading Oil & Gas companies in the MEA for the past decade, Alkan CIT has always been in the forefront of developing integrated communication solutions that focus on efficient, safe and profitable operations, empower clients’ business and contribute to their ongoing success.




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