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Harnessing Technology for Unmatched Protection & Security

Security organizations need to utilize extremely large amounts of constantly changing data derived from many sources, databases, collections, sensors, and systems. Information technology efficiently fuses this content using scalable data analysis platforms, efficiently handling large numbers of records of structured or unstructured data, to rapidly answer critical questions through powerful visual analytics.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Alkan CIT provides comprehensive Solutions for Physical security protection that enable defeating common threats and vulnerability problems. Services include Risk assessment, design and implementation of scalable physical security solutions that help improve security controls. Features include High security fences, automated barriers and gates. As for incorporated Technologies, these include Digital video surveillance, GIS and digital mapping, RFID access control, Motion detection.

Border & Coastal Surveillance

Alkan CIT offers state of the art Surveillance solutions that meet the growing need for threat detection, bringing together high quality, crisp images with advanced and user friendly storage, recording devices, along with networking and retrieval mechanisms. Incorporated Technologies include Wireless Connectivity, long range Cameras, GIS and digital mapping.

Command & Control Centers

Enhancing operational focus and maximizing the interoperability of different systems at a national level require integration and analysis of information coming from different sources where underlying facts are revealed and critical decisions are made. Data captured by different system sensors is transmitted over secure communication networks (Satellite, Wireless, Fiber, etc.) to Command & Control Centers where it is combined with spatial and statical data, interpreted and analyzed using a unified Graphical User Interface (GUI), touch tables, etc. and results presented on live situational maps where “what if” scenarios and their relevant impacts are evaluated thus enabling informed decision making

Mission Planning

Today’s mission planners are faced with fiscal constraints, short response times and a shortage of trained, experienced personnel. Alkan CIT offers effective plan automation tools to help augment the human analyst by capturing complex rules and data relationships and quickly analyzing solution alternatives and providing what if scenarios, utilization resources Informed decision making. Multiple visualization tools are utilized to assist the human planners understand the complexities of the mission and the advantages / disadvantages of various response scenarios thus enabling quicker and more informed responses and decision making during real life operations. Solution features include Contingency planning, Crisis management, Sensitivity analysis, Alternatives Evaluation, Logical information storage and management and spatial analysis. Incorporated Technologies include GIS and digital mapping, Data capturing tools (cameras, alerts, alarms, calls, etc…) and robust communication platform (wireless, fiber optics, Satellite broadband, etc...).

Our Focus Capabilities

Alkan CIT has developed an integrated Geographic system for Homeland Security with an extensive range of complementary solutions that effectively empower the military, defense, civil organizations and other involved governmental authorities to act proactively and respond swiftly to emergencies thus protecting lives, properties and infrastructure and maintaining the Nation’s overall well being and resilience. Geographic Homeland Security system consists of four key components that complement each other, these are Infrastructure, Monitoring & Date Capturing, Communication and finally Analysis & Storage, on top of the four integrated components the software applications which represent the core of the system operate effectively to combine, integrate and analyze the system inputs and generate high level analytical reports and live situational maps in addition to unlimited numbers of solution alternatives and what if scenarios hence empowering the decision making process and putting the  “Prevention versus Cure” methodology into action.

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