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Air Defense Stadium, Olympic Village, Egypt


Implementing highest level of security measures is a first priority when organizing large-scale entertainment events to control activities, prevent violence and protect crowds, football games are no exception, attended by thousands of fans, enthusiastically cheering challenging teams. Air Defense authorities requested utilization of cutting edge technologies in implementing highest levels of security measures for controlling the Olympic stadium vulnerabilities, facilitating operations and providing safe, secure, enjoyable experience



Designing and deploying an integrated wireless communication network that fully supports operational requirements and provides seamless wireless connectivity within the stadium including secure infrastructure backbone, fully automated access control, ticketing and ticket verification systems, VOIP, Video surveillance, digital signage, infrastructure for TV broadcasting, address & paging system in addition to high speed internet/intranet access that efficiently and securely operates over the integrated wireless network


Key Benefits

  • Integrated access control
  • Full automation for key operations: ticketing, entrance & connectivity
  • Centralized monitoring and control
  • Compliance with international standards for Olympic stadiums
  • TV broadcasting readiness


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