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Mobile IT Clubs, MCIT, Egypt

Egypt has become one of the leading internet markets in Africa, in terms of users, international bandwidth, and services offered. The umber of internet users in Egypt has grown to reach 21,518,178 users (26.74% of the population). IT Clubs are the initiation of the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) to give citizens the opportunity to become computer literate and spread the awareness of the social problems that maybe faced by rural citizens and to solve these problems throughout advanced methods, regardless their gender, cultural skills, and income level. MCIT in collaboration with ALkan CIT aimed to establish 50 IT clubs provided with internet access over the rural areas with no communication infrastructure in the Upper Egypt and Delta.

Processing and deploying 50 IT clubs fully equipped with a 1.2M antenna and a VSAT indoor unit (connected to Alkan Telecom HN Hub) with internal router functionality, across Egypt (basically in Upper Egypt governorates & Delta).

Key Benefits

  • Expanding internet connectivity in rural areas
  • Grow the awareness of social problems and develop solving methods
  • Open up the digital world for youth
  • Overcoming the geographical constraints 


About VSAT Technology

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a is a two-way satellite communication system, that serves operators, enterprises and governments who wish to operate their own satellite broadband services, provides the capability to deliver broadband IP services virtually anywhere. Optimized for broadband IP services and support a wide variety of applications, from high-speed internet/intranet access, to video conferencing and voice (Vol P) thus providing unsurpassed capabilities for broadband applications and services