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While in Egypt Stay Connected (WIESC)

The ability of the Internet to provide travelers with a cost effective and efficient means to communicate with their families, conduct business with the home office, and access pertinent just-in-time travel and hospitality information, is in growing demand. As such, remaining globally competitive as a travel destination increasingly requires the provision of affordable and convenient Internet access as a value-added service to tourists. In response to this growing demand, the While in Egypt Stay Connected project was initiated under the supervision of MCIT and funded by USAID to support their common goal of extending high quality, affordable Internet access throughout the major touristic locations across Egypt, differentiating and enhancing the tourist experience by enabling visitors to truly stay connected while in Egypt

Designing and deploying an integrated wireless network, consisting of WiFi hotspots for easy internet access within the area of Naama Bay -the most popular destination of Sharm El Sheikh's-. WiMAX technology was used for backhauling internet service provider's NOC. Compatibility was guaranteed between various network components by building the correct network infrastructure with proper configurations and VLANs, in addition, NLOS/OLOS features were used to enable real IP addressing for remote access and maintenance. The project was completed within one month and was the first in Egypt to deploy WiMax technology for commercial usage

Key Benefits

  • Infusing Internet access throughout Egypt's major touristic locations
  • Elevating the position of Sharm EI-Sheikh on the world's touristic map
  • Creating synergy between the ICT and the Tourism sector
  • Expanding internet connectivity coverage area
  • Providing high speed internet for Naama Bay's visitors
  • Providing travelers with cost effective means of communication


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