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FTTH Smart Services for Qtel

Qtel is a leading international communications company Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, that serves more than 83 million customers in the MENA region and Southeast Asia and operates a portfolio of brands including Qtel, lndosat, Asiacell, Wataniya, Nawras, Nedjma and Tunisiana. Qtel Group is well known for providing the best Voice Communication and Data Transfer services including mobile telephone services, broadband solutions, digital and fiber technologies, serving both consumer and business markets. Latest Qtel's developments included a national fiber-to-the­home (FTTH) project, a high speed broadband network infrastructure that boosts broadband coverage targeting to serve the whole population by 2016

Phase one of  the  project  aimed  at  substituting Qtel's coaxial copper cable network in a number of neighborhoods with a high speed Fiber network that supports introduction of new smart services and high data rate applications. Alkan successfully led the implementation of new Fiber network in Madinat Khalifa neighborhood ensuring that more than 3000 subscribers will be receiving state of the art fiber-based services & internet access at speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Project included replacement of coaxial Copper network with fiber after conducting surveys for determining the best routes of OSP and ISP distribution with regards to the overall design, laying fibers across the entire neighborhood in addition to migration, service activation, testing and final acceptance to end users

Key Benefits

  • High speed data transmission to end users (100 Mbps)
  • Concurrent high data rate applications (IPTV, HD Video Calling, etc...)
  • Easy bandwidth upgrades (only requires end of link equipment change)
  • Increases global competitiveness and business appeal
  • Reduced operational costs & low power consumption
  • Minimal network maintenance costs
  • Guaranteed 30% increase in revenue
  • Seamless streaming & Better quality of living


About  FTTH
The most significant feature of FTTH is "bandwidth" the amount of data that could be carried over the connection in a given amount of time is unprecedented. FTTH offers the highest available bandwidth over any other technology, both for downstream and upstream (from internet to enduser and from user to internet). Active and passive architectures are the most common methods of deployment; Active commonly used for Point to Point deployments (P2P) and Passive Optical Network (PON) mostly used for Point to Multi Point (P2M). Among the common applications that FTTH networks support are Television smart services, Smart content, HD Video Calling and smart view mobile applications