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Empowering Telecos with GIS

A leading GSM Service Provider in Egypt requested an enterprise-wide GIS solution that could efficiently boost cooperation between the different departments and coordinate their efforts in resolving network complaints and outage in different areas, as well as creating a control mechanism to measure efficiency on responding to network complaints correctly


Development of a GIS Enterprise solution that enabled integration of maps and information to enable better decision making, from planning and maintaining network infrastructures to administering mobile telephone coverage, managing existing customers and targeting new ones by providing location-based data and keeping track of customer mobility & trends in the staggering bandwidth requirements driven by entertainment and Internet services. Viewing information on a map makes it quicker and more intuitive than relying on spreadsheets and other tabular data


Key Benefits

  • Providing a seamless integration between GIS and other systems (CRM,ERP,Bill­ ing,  etc...)
  • Spatially enabling the call center Automating business process
  • Better decision making
  • Faster network rollout
  • Maximizing subscriber satisfaction

About GIS Enterprise Solutions

In the telecom industry where changes are so rapid, solving business problems require a good understanding of where network assets, facilities, customers exist and where they will be tomorrow. Moreover the capability to find, manage, and analyze data quickly and effectively makes a strategic difference. GIS technology allows operators progressively integrate, analyze and display location-based data to serve network planning and operations, marketing and sales, customer care and data management. GIS effectively enables telecom operators coordinate business priorities, increase revenue, reduce costs and time to market for new products