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1st E-Census in Egypt

Egypt's CAPMAS needed to digitalize the process of the republic’s census instead of the old usual manual way which consumed so much time and effort. In addition, training was required for all enumerators and employees involved in this mega project in order to have the census delivered in the most accurate way possible


For this major project, which is the biggest of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East, a state of the art, especially tailored, Geo-enabled application was implemented throughout the whole 3-stage-process of counting buildings, population, and establishments. The genius app enabled enumerators to seamlessly download 31,000 maps on 45,000 tablets and most importantly to update these maps on-site offline as well as online in order to deliver impeccable results for Egypt Census 2017


Key Benefits

  • Digitalizing all data for better storing of it
  • Enabling enumerators to download, add, or edit maps on-site
  • Less manpower effort
  • Less time consumption
  • Announcement of results just in 3 months 


GeoSpatial Database
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