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Meeting of Minds

Egypt has recently embarked on a grand mission to reform the education process, redesign the learning objectives and develop competencies aided by state of the art technologies both for teachers' training and as a pedagogical tool in classrooms no matter how geographically dispersed they are. Ministry of Education in Egypt (MOE) requested a solution that enables interactive online collaboration between the head office in Cairo and its affiliated remote branches/ sites, in addition to conducting online training thus eliminating the need to travel

Design and deployment of an integrated Videoconferencing solution that enabled teachers and administrators in 38 remote sites/ branches affiliated to MOE to benefit from online training programs specially designed to develop their skills in addition to conducting online meetings with their counterparts at Cairo's head office as if they were in the same room. Remote sites were fully equipped with Audio/visual facilities and data collaboration tools and connected to MOE's head office using individual terrestrial E1 lines and Satellite broadband VSAT links for distant locations. Phase two of the project included expanding the network to include 20 more sites to the network and deployment of an Interactive Distance Learning Solution (IDL)

Key Benefits

  • Online collaboration 
  • Interactive training
  • Conducting online meetings
  • Developing the teachers skills
  • Enhancing the educational process
  • Providing quality training for remote locations 
  • Reducing the need to travel
  • Scalability and ease of expansion
  • Conquering the geographic barriers


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