National Project for Rural Title Cadastre System


The purpose of the project is to develop a new cadastral information management system, which can be used nationwide for ESA cadastral activities in rural areas covered by title registration. This project is initiated and is closely monitored by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology since it will constitute the basic foundation of the evolvement of the Egyptian economy. The society will gain considerable benefits. Benefits to the society are based on the contribution to the economic development of Egypt through more effective decision making processes at all levels ensuring sustainable land management. 


Our solution aimed to automate the registration procedure of rural properties and establish an online cadastral portal, as well as automate & re-engineer all work-flows inside ESA related to the registration process. Esri NeA also designed and implemented an online cadastre system to publish cadastre Information on the web. Service Oriented Architecture was implemented to allow for future integration with other organizations. Several modules were created catering to the various cadastral needs of each department. A variety of functionalities are availed through the modules developed serving cadaster related activities, addressing work flow management issues and availing editing capabilities. 

Key Benefits

  • Re-engineering the current work-flows for the registration process according to the new technologies used to minimize the registration process time. 
  • Provide one-stop-shop concept to serve the client from one entry point.
  • Establishing a Workflow Management System WFMS, a Quality Management System QMS, and a simple Resource Management System, to manage the Interaction between the different organizations and units participating in the project.