Modern Classrooms in Egypt


Ministry of Education (MOE) in collaboration with Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) assigned to Alkan the implementation of Modern Classrooms project which included providing internet connectivity for 10000 schools geographically dispersed all over Egypt, mostly in less privileged areas that are not even covered with GSM networks. The project aimed at providing Internet connectivity for students in preparatory education to develop their IT capacities and let them benefit from the unlimited Internet resources. The project included deployment of the solution within 1000 dispersed schools within limited duration including hardware configuration, software installation, system integration, networking, internet connectivity and ICDL training for students and teachers


Utilizing the VSAT technology to provide internet connectivity for 1000 geographically dispersed schools scattered all over Egypt in Fully equipping IT labs dispersed schools spread across Egypt basically in Upper Egypt governorates, Canal Zone, Wadi el Gadid and Sinai, supplying the school IT labs with advanced computer networks, linked to the Internet, performing hardware configurations and software installations, overall system integration and providing Internet connectivity. Solution also included providing ICDL training for all the students & technical staff in addition to three years onsite maintenance services for the 24 Schools.

Key Benefits

  • Empowering the educational process
  • Developing students & teachers IT skills Providing Internet accessibility
  • Encouraging students to develop new skills
  • Providing online access to E-curriculums
  • Conquering the geographic barriers
  • Providing ICDL training for students & staff