Telemedicine Initiative

Healthcare digital transformation is becoming real; by deploying ALKAN Integrated Solutions; you can greatly improve quality of life and make hospitals a much better place at the same time helping medical professionals render better services. 

Realizing this fact, A Presidential Initiative in which Alkan Telecom Participates in Collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to utilize advanced communication technologies to exchange health information across geographical barriers, and using innovative solutions for remote diagnosis and treatment easily, without the need for patients to travel for healthcare, through technology that enables virtual medical visits between the patient and the specialized doctor directly across different governorates and regions, by displaying remote digital images of the patient.


The project involves a comprehensive solution that supply hardware and software for 150 medical units in three border governorates which are Marsa Matruh, Red Sea & the New valley. The unit consists of a Mobile Telemedicine Cart equipped with a computer, peripheral devices for medical equipment, and a power supply unit (UPS) to power all the devices.

Using peripheral medical units, patients are examined, their medical data is recorded in a database and then stored on connected server. The data is then transferred online to specialized consulting physicians who communicate with the peripheral units. With the help of nearby, patients' conditions are diagnosed and immediate responses are provided through the application. 

Key Benefits

  • Empowering the healthcare process
  • Conquering the geographic barriers
  • Providing quality interaction for remote locations
  • Reducing the need to travel
  • Encouraging physicians to develop new skills
  • Online examination