Airtel Niger GSM Network Expansion


Leading telecommunications services provider Airtel Niger has embarked on several improvement initiatives aimed for building a robust and resilient network that actively empowers people to fulfill their telecommunications needs which required expanding the coverage and providing the best quality of service (QoS) through optimization of 37 existing sites scattered over 2000km across Niger, supply & installation of radio frequency (RF) materials, testing and service activation for the 37 sites within a very limited time frame.


Alkan successfully led the implementation of airtel's network optimization initiative and delivered quality services within 21 days, 7 technical teams were simultaneously mobilized to handle the geographically dispersed sites, equipment directly shipped to the sites to avoid any shipping and storage related delays and resources fully utilized to achieve best results despite the challenging environment. Rendered services included complete RF installation for antennas & feeders for the 37 scattered sites, double acceptance testing, sweep testing, service activation, quality assurance and final acceptance. The project was completed before the planned due date and service was up and running also before the planned due date.

Key Benefits

  • Increased revenues due to increased number of subscribers
  • Reinforcement of the whole network
  • Extended network coverage
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improved QoS