Indoor coverage in Ghana


Mobile broadband connectivity is becoming increasingly important for users everywhere whether for personal or business purposes. Downtime, inadequate mobile coverage and interruptions while running online applications could seriously impact any business not to mention the daily operations of a leading telecom operator within its own premises; Vodafone Ghana needed a solution that totally eliminates the problem of inadequate internal coverage within its headquarters in Ghana


Utilizing Alkan's experience and know how in communications and networking integration in the deployment of the first Indoor Building Solution (IBS) in Ghana at the Head Quarters of Vodafone Ghana. The solution included the installation of an indoor coverage network within the eight story building and its ground floor and connecting it through Fiber Optic Cables (FOC) to Vodafone's main GSM network thus providing a dedicated internal coverage. The solution was fully deployed, tested and delivered within ten days only, and in full compliance with Vodafone's International standards for quality, health and safety. The IBS solutions provided final resolution for the inadequate internal coverage problem

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated indoor coverage 
  • Increased revenues 
  • Maximizing network resources
  • Integration with existing network
  • Cost effectiveness and Scalability
  • Seamless daily operation