Sonatel WSMS


Sonatel, Senegal's leading telecom operator, serving more than 3.5 million subscribers, wanted to introduce new services as welcome SMSs to roamers landing in Senegal upon their arrival, wishing them a pleasant stay and providing them with useful information that gives them a better experience during their stay like information about local transportation,  emergency numbers, restaurants, attractions, banks, and most importantly on how to reach customer service in case of having difficulties on making calls


Alkan has successfully deployed the "Welcome SMS" application at Sonatel. The location based application was fully developed by Alkan's development team, with capacity of up to 30 million location update/day. Upon deploying the application, Sonatel had started sending welcome and informative messages to inbound and outbound roamers upon arriving to Senegal, wishing them a pleasant stay and informing them with service rates, all types of useful information and how to reach customer service. The project was completed in less than three months and it increased Sonatel's revenues through achieving customer satisfaction, reducing churn and roaming analysis

Key Benefits

  • Introducing state of the art services
  • Achieving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing revenues
  • Engaging roamers with Sonatel 
  • Analyzing roamers preferences, convenience, safety and usefulness
  • Improving travelers' experiences