Khalda Fleet Mgmt & Vehicle Monitoring


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are becoming increasingly important to the sustainability of the Oil & Gas Sector, one of the most important key factors of which is the safety of the fleet of vehicles either carrying crude oil along its path from the drilling and exploration sites to its refineries of carrying the teams of engineers and technicians between on shore sites and their head quarters and office premises in town, Khalda Petroleum, one of the leading companies in Egypt decided to leverage the levels of Safety and reduce frequency of accidents related to irresponsible drivers' behavior by deploying a reliable fleet management and vehicle monitoring solution in 300 of its vehicles that are constantly travelling in town and across desert between the exploration sites as Umbaraka, AI Alamien and El Salam


A complete fleet management and vehicle monitoring solution including in vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) onboard computers for managing performance and vehicle utilization, controlling drivers' safety, vehicle behaviors, recording violations and detailed trip information, GPRS kits with GSM enabled module to perform automated remote downloads via GSM data calls thus providing real time vehicle and driver data to the control room and avoiding physical access to vehicles required for manual downloading and finally WiFi kits connected to wireless network to perform short distance automated downloads and collectively retrieve data from vehicles as soon as they reach their parking lots. The solution was successfully deployed in 300 vehicles, and dramatically enhanced the fleet efficiency and effectively reduced the frequency of accidents

Key Benefits

  • Empowered decision making 
  • Increased safety levels 
  • Monitor drivers' behavior
  • Monitoring and motivating drivers
  • Reduced running costs and enhanced vehicle usage 
  • Controlled speed limits and reduced risks of accidents
  • Monitoring sensors (oil pressure, seat belt, coolant temeperature, etc..)