Geographical Security System (GSS) for Bahraini MOI


Today, our communities are exposed to threats, way beyond natural disasters or catastrophic accidents, which require full-sale emergency assessment, mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. This new reality entailed Bahraini Ministry of Interior (MOI) to rethink its policies and plans and allocation of resources to ensure the safety and security of its citizens, and secure its assets and properties. The MOI wanted to benefit from the fact that most of the data requirements for emergency management are of a spatial nature and can be located on a map.


We created our Geographic Security System (GSS). GSS is built on state of the art GIS technology to serve the specific needs and requirements of the Bahraini MOI. In its core, GSS comes as a complement to existing systems, rather than a radical replacement. ln fact, it is capable of integrating with existing systems, such as Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and surveillance systems insuring the system not only relies on existing data, but also utilizes live data feeds.

GSS is based on building a single unified Geodatabase that hosts the spatial and tabular data related to various departments of the Bahraini MOI. It is built on industry standards based upon Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a way to overome issues concerned with data isolation and the lack of integration among various MOI entities.

The solution is composed of several modules, each catering to a specific department's needs. All the modules provide resource management, and analysis & report generation functionalities.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced data sharing between MOI directorates/Geographical identification for incident location
  • Sharing incident data over all MOI directorates
  • Increased response time/rapidly relaying information to the field
  • Availability of pre-sorted procedures for incidents handling 
  • Seamless communication with mobile units
  • Seamless integration between GIS and CCTV and radar systems