Command & Control Center for MOT


Egypt has always been a popular tourist destination offering its visitors a varied choice of tourist attractions ranging from historical sites to museums, scenic landscapes and recreational spots, Cairo for example is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most visited cities in Africa while Luxor is considered as an open museum that contains one third of the world's monuments; to implement quality safety measures for tourists in Egypt; Ministry of Tourism (MOT) requested the implementation of an integrated fleet management and online tracking solution across that effectively utilizes the transportation resources and supports the implementation of safety measures, vehicles whether belonging to MOT or touristic agencies, were to be monitored, tracked and controlled from a central control room at the Ministry. Monitoring reports about own vehicles performance and drivers behavior were to be individually generated and shared with touristic agencies participating in the project


Design and deployment of a high tech. Command & Control Center, where 1000 vehicles belonging to more than 200 touristic agencies in Egypt were to be fully equipped with tracking devices, through which full tracking data and location based information could be directly transmitted via GSM secured networks to the Command & Control Center located at Ministry of Tourism (MOT), where the received information is graphically presented on digital maps provided by ESRI NeA to enable real time tracking of chosen vehicles and later to be safely stored in the CCC's data center for archiving and analysis purposes, moreover in case of critical situations, emergency alarms could be easily sent from the equipped vehicles to MOT CCC and help provided immediately from nearest emergency point. A team of MOT experts was fully trained on using the solution, selecting the different routes/vehicles to be tracked, generating monitoring reports and performing spatial analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Real time tracking
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Enhanced security & road safety
  • Emergency alarming
  • Empowered decision making
  • First online tracking Project in Egypt
  • Full monitoring of all touristic vehicles travelling across the country