Cairo's Traffic Monitoring


Traffic congestion in Egypt has always been one of the country's major problems. Usually caused by the large amount of transportation mediums that has reached the number of 2 million vehicles competing for space on roads designed for a quarter of that figure. Furthermore, other conditions such as on-road parking, accidents, emergencies, & construction works, do not help much in reducing the size of that problem. Common ways of traffic research are unable to fully predict under which conditions a traffic jam may occur, therefore the traffic police authority in Cairo requested the implementation of a radical solution that could facilitate the traffic movement and resolve daily jams


Deploying a wireless surveillance network for monitoring traffic flow in Cairo main roads; the solution aimed to assist traffic police in performing their daily tasks by quickly identifying the traffic jam points in the capital. Alkan succeeded in enabling the traffic police to accurately monitor and analyze vehicles daily movement and quickly respond to breakdowns and accidents by deploying an integrated turnkey solution where multiple cameras capturing the traffic movement were fixed at specific locations overlooking the main roads in Cairo, the cameras were all connected over a Pre-Wimax network to the central control room of the traffic police where streamed videos are presented over live situational digital maps provided by ESRI NeA and further geospatial analysis is applied for empowered decision making

Key Benefits

  • Continuous traffic monitoring
  • Jam source identification
  • Quick resolutions for traffic jams
  • Timely response to accidents and emergencies
  • Flow pattern analysis
  • Improved passengers' safety
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Smoother traffic flow
  • Empowered decision making