Wireless Surveillance Network for Damietta Water Company


Egypt's main source of freshwater is the Nile River which supplies around 56.8 billion m3 of freshwater every year, other sources of freshwater are ground water aquifers and rain water, however due to the growing population, Egypt has been classified as water scarce country since 2005, which makes the management of national water resources very challenging. Damietta Water Company, an affiliate of the holding company of water in Egypt responsible for treatment and distribution of drinking water and waste water, requested a reliable communication solution that enables connecting 19 remote sites to the Head Quarters and utilizes video surveillance technologies to enable monitoring the daily operations within the remote sites


Establishing a secure internal network within the premises of the Head Quarter of the water company in Damietta, installing an IPTelephony system, deploying a video surveillance solution, installing HD cameras at remote sites in addition to full monitoring capabilities within the HQ where videos recorded from cameras installed at the HQ and 19 remote sites are transmitted over wireless network to enable real time monitoring of the daily operations at main stations, customer service and maintenance centers in addition to providing reliable Voice and Data communication

Key Benefits

  • Improved Security
  • Reliable secure connectivity 
  • Real time monitoring 
  • Online collaboration
  • Empowered decision making