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As this age is most prominently viewed as the age of Information, the utilization of the advancing information technology has become a necessity. In collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) aimed to deploy a system of information and technology that fosters spreading awareness of social problems taken on by the council. The vision of the council included granting rural children the right to access information that would help them shape their opinions, participate in solving their problems, develop their skills through technological interaction and communication and protect them from the Internet.


Buses fully equipped with top notch computers and satellite internet connectivity using VSAT technology, started patrolling remote and rural areas with planned stops at a defined schedule offering their services to the largest possible number of children in various governorates all over Egypt. Alkan CIT fully equipped the busses internally and externally, each with ten computers, comfortable and friendly furniture for the children’s usage,

as for Internet connectivity, a 1.2 Meter antenna was installed on top of each bus, the antenna can be easily adjusted from any location where the bus stops to communicate with Alkan’s Earth Station located in 6th of October city through Arab-Sat Badr-4 satellite thus providing Internet broadband connectivity for the bus users.

Key Benefits

  • Providing Internet connectivity for children  in remote areas
  • Disseminating awareness of important children's issues
  • Utilizing mobility for maximizing accessibility
  • Develop the children's skills through interaction with information technology and internet resources
  • Capacity building