TV Studio & Video Editing


Addis Ababa Police commission established in 1992 is responsible for ensuring the city’s society peace and security; increasing participation of the society, preventing crimes and implementing sound traffic measures. Knowing that Addis Ababa is the largest city in Ethiopia, with a population of almost 4 million citizens, the commission sought to establish a TV studio and video editing system within their new premises for the purpose of shooting documentaries and awareness programs to be later broadcasted via national TV and radio stations in order to better engage the society with community services and raise the awareness, the system needed to be robust, easy to use and scalable to be easily used by a special team from the police commission for shooting  awareness programs, short movies & documentaries, project scope included procurement, installation, commissioning and in house training


Alkan provided a turnkey scalable solution that met the high standards of Addis Ababa police commission requirements, covering all aspects including special studio set up and preparations such as sound proofing walls, studio lighting and furnishing, as well as equipment installation & commissioning and onsite training for the dedicated the police commission production team, the studio was up and running within 2 weeks-time and the opening ceremony was the first in house documentary to be produced.

Key Benefits

  • High flexibility
  • Saving time & costs
  • Full studio and movie production capabilities
  • Scalable and reliable solution for current and future requirements
  • In house video shooting and editing facilities
  • Could be used for producing documentaries and awareness movies
  • Movie production without going to TV stations