Securing Egypt's South Valley University


Egypt’s South Valley University is one of the most prestigious educational establishments in the country, The main campus of the university is located in Qena, a city located 600 km from Cairo. Founded in 1995, this Egyptian university comprises 18 faculties, 1 institut and 1 huge research centere. The objective of its Security Department was to guarantee the security of its installations and the people that use them, as well as to reduce the costs associated with security personnel and protecting the university from theft and vandalism. To do so, the university embarked on this ambitious project in the middle of 2016, which entailed establishing demanding technical and functional requirements. 


Installing a full-fledged intelligent security solution by establishing a secure internal network with a centralized video management in a professional control room within the premises, deploying a video surveillance solution consisting of 700 cameras and a 24/7 video recording using professional-grade servers. The IP CCTV system that protects the campus perimeter and buildings consists of 349 IP cameras that offer high video resolution, so any event that occurs in the installations can be clarified. Specifically, 3 different types of cameras were instaled. The entire range of SCATI EYE cameras is equipped with embedded Intelligent Video Analytics functionalities, which provides the possibility of a proactive CCTV system that alerts Security Operators automatically when certain events are detected.

Additionally each of the protected infrastructures has its own Secondary Control Centre, which monitors its cameras from the corresponding Security Operator post. The result is redundant supervision of the IP CCTV system, thereby guaranteeing the protection of people and assets 24 hours a day.

Key Benefits

  • 24/7 improved security
  • Real time monitoring
  • Cost reduction
  • Guaranteed security 
  • Control of the perimeter
  • Preventing theft and vandalism 
  • Minimising cost of security guards.