Automation of Building Permits in Jeddah


The aim from this Geospatial solution was to modernize the process of issuing building permits using a reliable system. The system was designed to empower JM with capabilities that facilitate the process of geographical verification of constructions, expedite and raise efficiency of building permits issuing operations, and allow the integration with the systems of the other JM departments. The project acts as a step further towards the E-Government approach JM is targeting.


The core of the system is a centralized Geodatabase that contains both tabular and spatial data, which contains the relations between streets and roads networks as well as defining the spatial relations for different geographic data.  The methodology followed for automating the urban and surveying services depends on dividing the services provided by the municipality to a number of functions based on web services. Each service contains a number of functions which could serve one department or more, the service can also serve different authorities outside the municipality (outsourcing). 

Key Benefits

  • Providing an electronic gate that allows the request of a service and basic revision.
  • Providing geographic data for engineering companies through the Municipality electronic gate, helping in reducing the percentage of error in their projects.
  • Automating process that has relation with geographic data such as surveying sketches and checking properties. Relating field surveying and GIS by providing uploading of field data into system Geodatabase.
  • Providing automated work flow inside the municipality that provides the following up of requests and required work inside different departments.
  • Providing Web Services that can be used by the other agencies outside the municipality which allows the flexibility of outsourcing the municipality.