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Egypt On 2 Wheels

Tell us about your trip. How did it come about? What do you hope to achieve with this journey? It all began when I was a kid, I always had this dream of traveling everywhere on the back of my horse with the company of a loyal dog; and when I first traveled on foot to Suez when I was 14 with my school, I started to get to know more about myself. And after trying out the bicycle on a desert road for 100 km to Ismaeleya, I was certain that I will want to raise my bar a lot further, year after year Ive known myself through 3 major trips; the first was to sokhna 130 km when I was 17, Cairo to Nuweibaa when I was 18 400 km, and cycling around the Western Desert when I was 19. After these trips, I started to shape the idea of touring solo around Egypt, a distance of 7000 km in 5 months; i had two objectives, the first was achieving a personal dream and breaking free from our closed minded society, and the second was to explore and reveal the beauty of our gorgeous Egypt. The main outcome of this encounter is to maintain a cheerful facebook page in order to encourage the audience to go for their dreams, and to get to know that their country and its people are awesome, to produce a documentary movie about the grand journey around Egypt, and to write a diary book about the personal challenges and the vibes of the places I visit. How is the overall response? So far I believe that I am doing a good job in the social media, and Ive been featured in lots of articles through magazines and newspapers, also we are now having a big team working on the movie hoping to get a grant from any international film festival in order to be able to share this experience internationally.  What Thuraya products are you using on your trip? I am using the Thuraya XT satellite phone, and the Thuraya IP Is staying connected on the trip important to you? During my previous trips I didn't give much attention to the communication process because I loved to stay offline as much as I could, but since touring around Egypt is taking a more professional arrangement, I had to make sure that Ill stay connected with my emergency response team all the time. Why did you approach Thuraya and Alkan CIT for connectivity? After a long research, Ive found out that Thuraya's satellite has the best coverage in the Middle East and since Alkan CIT is its only provider in Egypt, I had to make sure to inform them of my trip. Why do you prefer Thuraya to GSM operators? Because simply Thuraya enables me to stay connected ALL OF THE TIME. How are you using Thuraya products? For me they are my Emergency Alert frontline, then I can use them to update my social media accounts and keep my audience, family, and friends posted with my status when I am out of reach. Are you utilizing Thuraya products daily to make calls and access internet? No, I only use them when I am off the track, and away from any other GSM operator. Are Thuraya products easy to use? The Thuraya XT is so so easy to use, you don't even have to point the antenna towards its satellite at the south-east of our country; you simply hold the phone in its right position with the antenna towards the sky. A few words on the durability, resilience and quality of Thuraya’s products and services. Thuraya's products are made tough, they always win. With its rugged case, and its waterproof housing, Thuraya is able to stand against the nature's harshest circumstances, and Ive tried that myself. Did you face any challenges en route to your destination? If yes, please explain. Ive faced lots and lots of challenges, but they weren't categorized as a threat, so I had to deal with them on my own, putting into consideration to update my team with my status. Any unforgettable incident where Thuraya was of particular use to you? Thuraya was mainly used to update my emergency response team with my status, and to keep my audience posted with my encounters; however there was only one unforgettable hilarious incident that happened: My team and I were chilling in Abou Gallouma in Sinaii, and since I prefer to ride on my own, they usually take off ahead of me; and then I faced a flat tire that wasn't manageable to fix, they were only 1 km ahead of me :) but I couldn't reach them until I decided to use my Thuraya. Will you use our products again, say on a trip outside Egypt, spanning several countries? I will definitely be using your products again and again, all around the world as long as the Thuraya's satellite is covering the place im adventuring in. A brief introduction about your experience with Alkan CIT It was a real pleasure to be supported by Alkan CIT; I was so surprised when I found them replying to the proposal that I’ve sent them through their website. And whenever I face any problem with the devices, their customer service is always ready to solve the issue in no time.