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Safe City

Public Safety and Law Enforcement are important functions for governments. They refer to the duty and function of the state to ensure safety and security of its citizens, organisations, and institutions against threats, as well as, its traditional duty and function of enforcing law and order.

Alkan CIT Safe City Solution provides integrated systems to increase safety and security of people/citizens, critical infrastructure, assets, and properties. The solution addresses the key principles of Safe City Concept, which are:

Perimeter security provides levels and means of security to better deter, detect, delay, and/or deny physical attacks and threats against a specific perimeter to enable security forces respond.

City surveillance provides command and control centres, facilities with video management, capability for monitoring thousands of cameras spread out over large areas and generate a fast response to any incident that may occur.

Incident response (9-1-1/CAD) provides command and control centres, facilities with 9-1-1 (or equivalent), capability for answering calls assigned to telephone number for emergency services, operated on a 24-hour basis, and, as appropriate, dispatching emergency services.

Crisis/incident management (C/IM) manages the actions of the workforce and other key stakeholders in response to a particular crisis or incident with a consistent and quick approach to return to normal as soon as possible.