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Container Security & Tracking

Millions of containers that travel across the world daily and cross the borders are not personally owned, but rented; their contents are not properly supervised or controlled during their transports, thus leaving them vulnerable to organized crime, terroristic exploitation, transfer of hazardous or nuclear waste and illegal immigration, therefore considering new safety regulations and overall security issues is becoming increasingly important. Alkan CIT Container Security Solution combines GPS/Satcom with electronic seals, which would provide data showing when a container was last opened; the solution will also provide location and seal-status information throughout the entire chain of custody which will provide primary screening capability to know who, what, where, when, and how a container was shipped and whether it was opened illegally. Solution for Container Security & Tracking combines electronic seal, , and other technologies, to provide a highly reliable Container Tracking and Monitoring solution packaged in heavy-duty enclosure to withstand the harsh demands of maritime shipping and track freight movements in real-time