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Fiber and Copper Testing and Certification


Next-Gen Copper and Fiber Optic Testing Tools for Today’s Enterprise Networks

Copper and fiber deployment continues to grow in datacenters and enterprise networks as the move from gigabit Ethernet to 10G, to 40G, and now 100G is leading to evolving industry standards and less margin for error. Whether transitioning to higher categories of copper, copper to fiber, or simplex to ribbon fiber architectures, maintaining best practices during cabling installation and testing is critical to ensuring future network performance. Technicians are challenged to keep up with these changes by learning the newest cable test methods, supporting industry standards, and operating next-generation cable and fiber optic cable testing tools.

Network Performance Monitoring

Monitor Network Performance to Gain Valuable Insight

Paired with the rapid rate of change, network managers and network engineers need end-to-end insight and complete network visibility from the physical infrastructure and storage to the network and newest applications.

VIAVI enterprise network performance monitoring tools provide comprehensive insight into network, storage, applications, and infrastructure. This powerful toolset features fast capture rates and over a petabyte of storage capacity for retrospective network analysis. Real-time and historical summary dashboards, traffic-flow analytics, utilization metrics, and a snapshot of your delivery system all help ensure that your network's performance is fully optimized.