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We Keep You Connected Even When You're Outside GSM Coverage

Thuraya LeisureComms includes satellite phones and broadband terminals that ensure you’re never far away from the comforts of home. Make voice calls to your loved ones, send emails, SMS, and faxes, or browse the Internet at high-speeds. And do it all with water, dust, and shock resistant equipment that fits in your pocket or rucksack. Get a signal in seconds wherever you are, without worrying about complicated settings or racking up a huge voice or data bill

Fleet Management & Tracking

Secure tourists along their trips by implementing GPS tracking systems in your vehicles, the exact route of the vehicle could be monitored from origin to destination to ensure safety, monitor driver’s behavior and avoid any unwanted deviations, furthermore,  the exact paths and locations could be tracked on digital maps, the vehicles could be also equipped with wireless camera systems that capture the full scene along the route from origin to destination and directly transfer it to a central security monitoring room over a wireless network

Success Stories

Command & Control Center, MOT, Egypt

Establishing a Command & Control Center for Bus tracking

While in Egypt Stay Connected (WIESC)

WIESC Project in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Hesham Nessim's Desert Challenge

Stay Connected with Thuraya

Welcome SMS

Welcome SMS, Sonatel, Senegal

Egyptair's Internal Telecom Coverage

Fiber-Coaxial indoor coverage for Cairo Airport's Termial 3

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