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Safe City


Empower Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Public Safety and Law Enforcement are important functions for governments. They refer to the duty and function of the state to ensure safety and security of citizens, organisations and institutions against threats, as well as, its traditional duty and function of enforcing law and order. Our Safe City Solutions provide integrated systems to increase safety and security of people/citizens, critical infrastructure, assets, and properties. The solutions address the key principles of Safe City Concept, which are:

  • Perimeter security 
  • Incident response (9-1-1/CAD) 
  • City surveillance 
  • Crisis/incident management (C/IM) 

Public Safety

Prevent, Mitigate and Swiftly Respond to Disasters

Today as we face the dangers of terrorism on a global basis, the need to protect national borders and strategic establishments against intrusion is a matter of the highest order. Knowing that Public safety depends on the ability to prevent, mitigate and swiftly respond to natural/ manmade disasters in addition to terroristic attacks makes Prevention versus Cure an obligatory methodology. In an effort to contribute in the sacred mission of homeland security & Public safety, we offer an extensive range of solutions that effectively empower the military, defense and other Governmental authorities to act proactively and respond swiftly to emergencies thus protecting lives, properties and infrastructure and maintaining the Nation’s overall well being and resilience. Solutions include Infrastructure, date capturing and update, software applications and communication


Critical Infrastructure Protection


Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny Physical Attacks 

Protecting perimeters such as critical infrastructure, assets and security checkpoints against physical attacks, sabotage, vandalism or acts of terror is essential to safeguard people and assets. Our Solutions provide levels and means of security to better deter, detect, delay, and/or deny physical attacks and threats against a specific perimeter to enable security forces respond.

DETER: fences, overt video surveillance (CCTV), and lighting

DETECT: radars, ground sensors, intrusion detection, video surveillance (CCTV)

DELAY: fences, gates, barriers, bollards and road blockers in addition to anti-RPG screens

DENY: access control, inspection systems, under vehicle inspection scanners, metal & explosive detectors

Border & Coastal Security

A Comprehensive Ssolution that Enables Early Identification of Threats

Protecting borders and coasts from illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband and people is essential to national security and sovereignty. Our Border & Coastal Security Solution provides means and platforms for effective border and and coastal surveillance, which integrates multiple kinds of warning systems, such as stationary or mobile acquisition sensors that adapt the designated concept-of-operations, while taking into account the necessary information sharing within the command hierarchy


GIS & Location Analytics


Ensure Operation Readiness

Support any mission using the power of location. With the power of GIS location analytics and visualization, defense organizations create maps and information products that integrate intelligence information and inform robust decision making. Militaries worldwide use GIS to understand their total force and ensure operation readiness

GSS™ for Crisis/Incident Management

Bring Back Normality in the Shortest Time Possible

Our communities are exposed to threats, way beyond natural disasters or catastrophic accidents, which require full-scale emergency assessment, mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. Crisis/Incident Management Solutions provide a platform where people from multiple disciplines / jurisdictions gather to manage on the “strategic” level abnormal events such as major incidents, emergencie, disasters or catastrophes; hence restoring order and bringing back normality in the shortest time possible

Geographic Security System (GSS™) is a comprehensive solution for public safety and law enforcement (i.e. police, fire, and ambulance) built upon the state-of-the-art GIS technology bringing location-awareness to national security business for better serving our societies


Anti-Drone Systems


Detect and Defend Against Non-Cooperative Drones

Careless users may fly them into flight paths or crash them in critical infrastructure facilities or crowded places; criminals can use them to smuggle contraband into prisons and invade private property (i.e. surveillance and espionage); and terrorists can use them as bombs.  ANTI-DRONE Solutions are kind of non-kinetic, they detect and defend against non-cooperative drones within the area of interest.

Thuraya GovernmentComms

Secure, Reliable Mobile Satellite Communications. We're there with you

For civilian government, security and defense forces in the field, effective communications is critical. Operational teams in the field need to be able to connect to their headquarters on a secure network to communicate instantly within closed user groups over local, wide area or global networks. Thuraya’s robust satellite network provides coverage in the most remote locations, ensuring congestion-free satellite communications to keep you connected at all times. Thuraya’s satellites provide reliable L-band coverage across Asia, Australia, Africa, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our network management uses Dynamic Resource Allocation to automatically assign capacity in high congestion areas such as during mission-critical deployments, disasters or conflict. Our rugged, compact terminals are innovative, easy to install and maintain, with simple set-up for LAN or wireless connectivity. They are fast, lightweight, compact, easily deployed, highlight flexible and interoperable for all mission critical operations.


Container Security & Tracking


Track, Monitor, Control and Protect

Millions of containers that travel across the world daily and cross the borders are not personally owned, but rented; their contents are not properly supervised or controlled during their transports, thus leaving them vulnerable to organized crime, terroristic exploitation, transfer of hazardous or nuclear waste and illegal immigration, therefore considering new safety regulations and overall security issues is becoming increasingly important. Container Security Solutions combines GPS/Satcom with electronic seals, which would provide data showing when a container was last opened; the solution will also provide location and seal-status information throughout the entire chain of custody which will provide primary screening capability to know who, what, where, when, and how a container was shipped and whether it was opened illegally. Solutions for Container Security & Tracking come packaged in heavy-duty enclosures to withstand the harsh demands of maritime shipping and track freight movements in real-time

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