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Land Management


Land & Property Management Empowered with GIS

GIS allows you to integrate wide vriety of data into one common format, a map. Presenting your customers with a visual representation of all the informatiom affecting the desirability and value of a property can give a far more accurate picture of a property's value and suitability to their needs. Additionay creating and maintaining an  effective land administration system is a multifaceted process often managed by many agencies and organizations. Duplicated efforts and data quality problems are common. Although separate GIS applications have been used to manage individual aspects of land records in the past. the full potential of GIS can best be realized when applied across the entire cadastre workflow.




GIS Technology Empowering Population Census 

Population census is a primary tool for development planning; GIS technology allows more efficient planning and implementation of accurate and reliable censuses and even enables more effective use of census results. It  also contributes to accelerating the declaration of the census’ final results and empowerment of the controlling functions on the field crews thus monitoring and controlling the quality of produced outputs.

A complete GIS based solution that supports all phases of the Census lifecycle, starting from the Preparatory phase, through the Enumeration Phases, followed by the processing and Analysis phase, till the final Dissemination Phase




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