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Wireless Communication


Making faster and better decisions requires access to vital data in all types of situations. Wireless Connectivity provides unmatched combination of range, capacity, security and reliability. Best-in-class data rates and spectral efficiencies conserve valuable spectrum and reduce the costs of providing high-performance access and deliver characteristically robust, extreme-distance / high-bandwidth performance encryption, at speeds of up to 90 MB/sec., can be used to transmit signals as far as 100 Km. Ideal for a variety of access, backhaul and private network applications, our solutions are meeting the needs of carriers, service providers and enterprises worldwide. Maintain reliable links in challenging environments, minimize installation costs, reduce location rentals, and allow users to overcome the limitations of fixed wired access technologies. Applications include:

  • Wireless Surveillance for city traffic monitoring
  • Voice TDM (E1's/T1') transport for telecom operators
  • Internet connectivity and low latency VOIP applications for ISP's and fixed lines operators
  • Triple Play and VOD applications for cable TV operators
  • Oil rigs connectivity solutions Military and mission critical communications
  • Backhauling and disaster recovery solutions for GSM traffic