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Inmarsat Broadband Solutions

  • BGANBroadband Global Area Network for use on land that benefits from the new I-4 satellites to offer a shared-channel IP packet-switched service of up to 492 kbit/s and a streaming-IP service from 32 up to X-Stream data rate which delivers the fastest, on demand streaming data rates from a minimum of 384 kbit/s up to around 450 kbit/s. Most terminals also offer circuit-switched Mobile ISDN services at 64 kbit/s. BGAN service is available globally on all I-4 satellites
  • Fleet Broadband (Maritime Solutions): A range of Fleet Broadband terminals with different data rates (FBB-150, FBB-250, FBB-500) that provides affordable IP communication on board for Seafarers as ships are becoming an integrated part of the office infrastructure, raising demands for better data rates and improved connections
  • Inmarsat-C (Maritime Solutions): effectively this is a "satellite telex" marine terminal Thrane & Thrane offers an Inmarsat mini-C product range, covering specific needs and services within the field of safety and tracking applications. From regulatory GMDSS installations to advanced tracking-only purposes, including GPS positioning, polling, basic e-mail exchange, Enhanced Group Calling (EGC) and Inmarsat-C maritime distress
  • Swift Broadband (Aeronautical Solution): Swift Broadband (SB) terminals are specifically designed for use aboard commercial, private and military aircrafts
  • Classic Aero: provides voice/fax/data services for aircrafts. Three levels of terminals, Aero-L (Low Gain Antenna) for packet data including ACARS and ADS, Aero-H (High Gain Antenna) for medium quality voice and fax/data at up to 9600 bit/s, and Aero-I (Intermediate Gain Antenna) for low quality voice and fax/data at up to 2400 bit/s
  • Handheld Voice Services(Isat Phone): provides voice services at 4.8 kbit/s and medium speed fax/data services at 2.4 kbit/s. Coverage is available in Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, and Europe, as well as in maritime areas of the EMEA and APAC coverage